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How to get paid for surveys

You may have been invited to take part in online surveys before; perhaps you have done some, but maybe not enough to make it seem worthwhile.

Here at GetPaidTo we have brought together some of the best research panels and survey providers to give you a wide choice of surveys to complete every day. And to get paid for!

So how do you start getting paid for taking surveys?

1. Start earning

Firstly, surveys vary greatly in length and scope depending on what the company or brand wants to find out about.

It’s worth thinking about what sort of information you are happy to disclose. Some surveys will be focussed on family structure and habits, some on shopping habits and spend and others may want more detailed information about your financial providers.

Accordingly, some surveys will pay more than others for more valuable information.

To start earning from surveys, you need to become a member of GetPaidTo by entering your email address and setting a password. Then you’re ready to go!

You can see the range of survey providers by visiting the survey section within GetPaidTo.

2. New survey opportunities

By pulling together many survey providers in one place, GetPaidTo offers you new opportunities to earn on a daily basis.

Surveys will vary in length, scope and level of reward so it’s worth checking back daily to see if there’s something you can do wherever you are, even if you’re on the move with some time to spare.

3. Your profile and pre screening

It’s worth remembering that you won’t always fit the profile for every survey, depending on who the survey is for and what they want to find out.

E.g. if it’s all about kids’ food brands and you don’t have children then it’s not going to be a survey for you.

Some surveys will require you to answer several questions before they can determine whether you are the right profile for them. These are called ‘pre-screening’ questions and are a necessary part of the process for completing these paid tasks.

4. Time it will take to complete surveys

This is hugely variable and can range from 5 minutes to a good 30 minute session!

As always, remember the more time it takes, the greater the rewards on offer.

TIP: If you notice the questions look familiar be careful in case you have already completed this survey from another provider within GetPaidTo. Sometimes the same questionnaire can be distributed by more than one provider, but if you have already completed it you won’t be paid twice for it.

5. Typical responses

Once you have completed the set questions you are likely to receive one of three responses:

Successful completion – your were the right profile respondent, your answers have been accepted and you will be paid for the task
Quota of respondents is full, sorry better luck next time – in this case you were unlucky and the desired number of respondents was already met before you started answering.
Disqualified – this simply means that you don’t fit the person profile they want. This could be for many reasons such as lifestyle, profession, age, gender and so on.

6. Getting paid for surveys

Once you have successfully completed a survey you will see the GPT Points credited to Your Account. These points can be accessed straight away and can be cashed out as soon as you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Start earning now