We've got a wide range of FAQs listed below to help you with any common questions you might have. If you can't find the answer to your query here please contact us.

My account

No. Joining GetPaidTo is completely free and we do not deduct any fees from your earnings. However, we cannot control the transaction fees that apply upon cash withdrawals via online payment services such as PayPal or Skrill as those are third party regulated. If you want to get the most out of your points, we recommend exchanging them for giftcards which is always free of extra charge.

Getting started is as easy as entering your email address, username and password into our registration form. The form is the first thing you will see on the homepage:

The site is open for all to join with the exception of minors under the age of 16.

Only one account per household address may be used to earn points at GetPaidTo. Multiple users or multiple accounts from the same address completing point earning exercises will be considered fraudulent by the Offer Walls (which provide the paid tasks) and risk the account/s being terminated by us. The correct address and ID information for the account must be used when completing offers. Also note that multiple accounts held in the same name but at different addresses will also be considered fraudulent.

Please select the ‘Profile’ tab on top of the sidebar which will open your profile page. Here you can edit any required information and/or change your password.

Once you have successfully completed an offer, the points earned will usually show in your account immediately, although depending on the type of task you completed this can take up to 48 hours.

It is very important that we safeguard all user identity, personal details and ensure security in order to protect your earnings. We therefore require you to confirm your account via the contact details you have provided to us.

Obviously we’ll be very sorry to see you leave us, but should you wish to close your account then please submit a ticket via our support page.

Problems with My Account

Please check that the email address you entered twice matches up and that you have completed all the required fields, ticked the Terms & Conditions box and completed captcha verification. Please also check that you have not already tried to register an account with us previously using the same email address and/or password. If you continue to have problems registering please contact us.

Please check the email address you are using is the one you registered with and that you have the correct password. If you have forgotten your email address, password, or both you can request a reminder here.

How To Earn Points

GPT points work as a virtual currency and are what you are paid in when you complete tasks on the site.

Each task has a set value of points allocated to it. These are the amount of points you can earn on completion of the task. Points are awarded immediately after you have finished your task and on average take between 5 minutes to 48 hours to show in your account.

Click a video, watch it and you will earn points once you have reached the end of the film. You will not be awarded points if you click out of the video before it has ended.

You can exchange points for giftcards at leading retailers like Amazon or simply cash them out.

This usually varies between 5 minutes and up to 48 hours. If you fail to see your points credited after this time and don’t know why, please contact support.

If you fail to login in for 12 months or more, your account will be deemed to be inactive and your points forfeited.


First you need to register by signing up with GetPaidTo. Then visit the survey section to start earning.

You may have been invited to take part in online surveys elsewhere before, but maybe not enough to make it seem worthwhile. GetPaidTo has brought together some of the best research panels and survey providers to give you a wide choice of surveys to complete, with new surveys becoming available every day. And to get paid for!

To start earning from surveys, you need to become a member of GetPaidTo by entering your email address and setting a password. Then you’re ready to go!

Surveys will vary in length, scope and level of reward so it’s worth checking back daily to see if there’s something you can do wherever you are. The time they take can range from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the rewards on offer.

On successful completion, you will see GPT Points credited to Your Account. This can take up to 48 hours to show.

Points can be cashed out via one of the listed withdrawal methods or redeemed for a Gift Card.

Some surveys will require you to answer several questions before they can determine whether you are the right profile for them. These are called ‘pre-screening’ questions and are a necessary part of the process for completing these paid tasks.

Pre-qualifying questions will determine if you are eligible for a survey. You will receive a message advising you that you did not qualify/were disqualified from the survey on this occasion. This simply means that you don’t fit the person profile they want. This could be for many reasons such as lifestyle, profession, age, gender and so on. Any data you entered will be discarded immediately.

Yes. It is very important to answer survey questions as honestly and accurately as possible. Researchers are paying you for genuine responses. If you enter false information you will not receive payment and will be banned from survey sites, restricting your earning ability.

Be careful in case you have already completed this survey from another provider within GetPaidTo. Sometimes the same questionnaire can be distributed by more than one provider, but if you have already completed it you won’t be paid twice for it.

You will receive a message congratulating you on successful completion and advising that your payment will be with you soon.

Surveys need a specific number of responses to meet the advertiser or brand’s needs. Unfortunately once they have reached this limit they will close the survey to further respondents. Any data you entered will be discarded immediately. Do check back for other surveys you can complete as new ones come in every day.

Unfortunately we are not always informed of the reason that your responses have been rejected. Any data you entered will be discarded immediately.

If there are no suitable surveys for you to take, don’t worry, just check back in a day or two as new tasks come in all the time. How about playing a game or checking out our offer walls in the meanwhile?

Tasks and Offers

Sponsored offers include free offers, free trials, freebies, product trials, surveys, free quotes and small purchases made for applications for things like credit cards, or to join an organisation.

After logging in to your account you can navigate to the offer walls section of this site. Each offer will display its payout amount. Simply click on the offer you wish to complete and answer all questions with valid information. Our system will then credit your account with the points earned.

Offers have tracking codes which allow our system to log correctly completed tasks. Completed tasks are then approved automatically and the points paid to your account.

You can complete as many offers as you like all day, every day! The offer walls automatically replenish themselves on a daily basis with new offers.

No and you don’t have to use the same email address that you registered with although it is best to use your primary email address so that you don’t miss out on messages, offers and orders relating to your GetPaidTo account. Secondary email accounts are fine to complete offers

NO. Submitting false information will always be treated as fraud which will result in your account being closed.

This will depend on the advertiser providing the offer. Some will accept it whilst others won’t.

Please wait at least 48 hours to see if the offer pays out to your account. If you are still not credited with points then forward us the confirmation email you received for the offer and we will investigate it to see if it can be credited to you. This will depend on several factors. E.g. You not having clicked our link, not clearing cookies, providing fraudulent information to the advertiser, duplicate signup to name a few. Investigated cases can take several days to several weeks.

There are other reasons that an offer may not credit such as:

  1. There is an issue with the advertiser or link.
  2. The offer has not been reported by the advertiser yet. (Please give ample time for offers to credit.)
  3. You have already completed this offer at another website. (Please remember that you cannot complete the same offer more than ONCE.)
  4. False information was used to complete the offer. (This is not the case for most. Nonetheless, please ensure you are signing up with legitimate information.)

Query your missing points directly with the Offerwall. Many of our Offerwalls have a “Support” or “Missing Points” link in the corner of their wall. You can open an inquiry and provide proof of completion such as an email confirmation, a screenshot, a receipt, etc. to prove to the advertiser that you have completed that particular offer.

Most of the time your inquiry will be reviewed and you will receive your points within a couple of days.

GetPaidTo Offers will not have a support link. Please complete these at your own risk and review the stats before attempting these offers. If a GetPaidTo Offer does not credit you, please report it as broken.

Yes. If you provide fraudulent information, especially a fraudulent/stolen credit card or have tried to cheat the system, then we have the right to deny or reverse the credit for a specific offer.

Refer A Friend Program

All referral payouts are conditional on the referee successfully completing offers and earning points. We pay out referrals commission in points and the commission is only on points earned. We don’t pay commission on points won.

You will earn a 15% commission on the points your referees earn from paid tasks. So, if your friend earns 100 points, you will be awarded 15 points as your commission. If your friend earns 200 points, you will be awarded 30 points commission.

Telephone Verification

To ensure the security of your account when making a request to cash out GPT Points.

This is a security and fraud prevention measure which enables us to match your phone number with the geographic location provided in your account details and validate you as a genuine user.

You will be required to enter a telephone number into a text box on our site. Once you have submitted your number a code will be sent to your phone. You can elect to have the code sent by SMS to your mobile/cell phone, or to receive a phone call to a fixed line.

Once the code arrives, you will need to enter it into the text box provided on the webpage.

If the code is accepted then you can proceed to cash out your GPT Points. If the code is not accepted then you have a maximum of 3 further attempts.

Both – the code can be delivered to you by SMS to a mobile phone or voice call to a fixed line.

You will not be charged by GetPaidTo, but should check SMS and call costs with your network or fixed line provider.

Almost instantly. If any problem is identified, you will be alerted on screen.

There are various reasons why a phone call or SMS may not have been received. Please check the following likely causes and then try again:

  • There is a typo error in the phone number you entered – return to the verification process and start again
  • Your phone line is busy or congested
  • The mobile network is busy or the signal is weak or has dropped out
  • Can you receive voice calls and/or text messages to your phone?
  • If there is a network fault on your mobile or fixed line connection, please try again later or another day when the problem has been resolved
  • If problems persist with your mobile number then please try using a fixed line, or vice versa

This will be done as soon as possible during working hours but can vary due to location and time of day. You can continue to earn points but until your number has been verified, but you will not be able to cash out your points until the administration team has completed the approvals process.

The most likely causes will be a problem with your internet connection of operating system, or that the code has been incorrectly entered.

If you had already clicked the ‘start verifying me’ button before the browser closed then you can log back in and you will see the last page you were on. If not, you will need to start the verification process again.

Yes, if it was successful you will be able to complete your cash out. If it failed, a reason will be provided on screen.

Fraud Controls

There are various situations where potential fraud is highlighted. For example, completing the same offer multiple times on different sites, cancelling a trial offer or product before actually receiving the product or service, or cancelling before the obligated number of days specified in the offer by the advertiser. Using disposable email accounts is also considered to be fraud; please only use email accounts registered to you. Completing offers you have no interest in, using false information or information belonging to other people (including credit cards) is also considered fraudulent.

Make sure you use a real credit card, registered to you at your actual address in order to earn points. Many of the trial offers will not accept anything else. DO NOT use a pre-paid card, ATM, debit or gift card.

There are many reasons that this could happen. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Having multiple accounts
  • Using a bot or illegal 3rd party program to complete offers
  • Being abusive to other members or staff
  • Using a proxy server

We can certainly look at this on a case by case basis. If you feel your account was blocked for an invalid reason, please contact support and we will discuss the matter privately with you.


Yes! Simply head to our games section and launch the games window, then you’re ready to start earning! Remember, always try to complete games in order to get credited for your game play!

Not currently but we will update this information as we get it.

That’s because you earn GPT points for how long you play, not how well you play! The points scored within the game itself are purely for the leaderboard within the games arena. Check out our leaderboard challenges for a chance to earn extra points!

Sometimes, the advert shown before your game loads will be for another game, we are not affiliated with the games shown in these adverts and therefore you will not be rewarded for your time playing those games.

Points earned for each game played will depend on your country. This is due to the variation in revenue we receive dependent on advertising rates. The good news is you can still earn points from the daily leaderboards!

Points will not be credited for playing in multiple tabs. Anything over the maximum threshold of five minutes per game will not be awarded.

We’re continuously striving to help you miximize your earnings. We’ve chosen several exciting games available from our provider and we’re giving you a chance to claim extra points for mastering your play! All in-game scores are being registered into a daily leaderboard. Top 20 highest scores are entitled to a bonus. If your username and score have been listed among the lucky 20, you can claim your bonus by clicking the ‘claim now’ button active on the leaderboard within 24hrs. Up to 5 spots are allowed per user on one leaderboard.


You can find our Trustpilot profile here. It’s full of reviews from members worldwide!

Of course! You’ll get 1000 points for the first review you give us, if it’s 5* or 1*. We are thankful to receive something we value above all else – your opinion! If you have any issues please get in touch via our support system, we’re a friendly bunch and want everyone to have the best earning experience possible!

You’ll receive 1000 points for leaving your first verified review when our support team have been online to check it out!

What You Can Use Points For

You may cash out GPT points via one of the listed withdrawal methods or exchange for a gift card.

Get Social

Yes. You will earn 50 points for liking us on Facebook and 50 points for following us on Twitter.

But remember, you’ll only be awarded your points automatically if you click through to the GetPaidTo Facebook/Twitter page from! If you’ve missed out on your points for liking/following, please send us proof via a support ticket and we’ll get them added manually for you!

User Guide Hub

Get Paid To (GPT) websites are becomingly increasingly popular as they enable you to earn money online by completing a wide variety of tasks and offers.

Sites work with a range of advertisers who pay them for consumer feedback on their products and services. GPT sites then share these earnings with their members.

You need to sign up with a GPT site before you can start completing paid tasks. Earnings can usually be withdrawn via online payment providers (e.g. Skrill, PayPal), sometimes directly to your bank account or exchanged for a gift card.

You start by selecting the type of task you want to complete.

All of these activities offer an incentive, so at GetPaidTo we have brought them altogether in one place so that you can reap the biggest rewards possible.

Tell a friend
Get Paid To sites love it when you introduce your friends to them. And why wouldn’t you? It’s great for your friend to be able to earn some free money and rewards and actually it’s great for you too. Nearly every GPT site has a referrals program which means every time you introduce a friend and they sign up, you become entitled to commission on their points earnings (these are not taken from your friend’s earnings, but are paid separately to you).
Paid To Click
One of the easiest routes to start earning is to get paid to click. Simply click on adverts provided to you and watch them for approximately 20 to 30 seconds and you’ll get paid. There is now a huge number of Paid To Click (PTC) sites around so it’s wise to stick with the better known and more established ones.
Paid To Post
Another simple way to earn money is to post to an advertiser’s forum, blog, or to their social pages. Advertisers are keen to have new content generated by users, so a facebook post or a tweet can be a good way to earn when you don’t have much spare time. You can also get paid to read emails at some sites.
Paid Surveys
Taking part in paid surveys is a very popular method of making money online. It’s a flexible job as it can be done to fit around other things and it’s one of the best paying types of task offered. A typical survey will take up to 30 minutes to complete.
Product Trials and Reviews
Writing reviews is another valuable form of feedback that’s favoured by advertisers. This can take the form of free product trials where you test products and then post reviews about them. Or there may be an incentive to post a review about a product or service you have purchased.
Get Paid To Play Games
You can sometimes make money by playing games too! But not all GPT sites offer this option so it pays to look around and see what’s on offer.


About GetPaidTo

  • Set up a dedicated, genuine email address for your GPT account

  • Complete your GetPaidTo Profile for extra points and to ensure we can tell you about offers you’re interested in

  • Refer friends to us and earn GPT Points

  • Post your referral link on your facebook and twitter accounts and add it to your email signature

  • Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to get updated with the latest offers and hot deals

  • Use the Share button whenever you get paid GPT Points

  • Post GetPaidTo related content, links, or ideas on our facebook wall and earn more points
About Points

  • Complete as many tasks and offers us you can to earn GPT Points

  • Keep a log of tasks and offers completed

  • Remember you can exchange GPT Points for cash or gift cards

  • Use gifcards ASAP

  • Create a video explaining GetPaidTo, including your referral link and post to YouTube, Vimeo etc


About GetPaidTo

  • Don’t forget to check your emails!

  • Don’t send referral emails to people you don’t know

  • Don’t post referral links on websites that forbid them

  • Don’t make false claims about GetPaidTo in order to gain referrals

  • Don’t promote anything unrelated to GetPaidTo on our social pages

  • Don’t promote GetPaidTo fraudsters as they, and you, will be banned

  • Don’t submit inappropriate or offensive content of any sort on any
    GetPaidTo sites

  • Don’t forget your manners when speaking to fellow members or
    GetPaidTo staff
About Points

  • Don’t lie – as offers won’t pay out if they realise you are not being truthful

  • Don’t worry about screen outs

  • Don’t click links you are not interested in

  • Don’t use bots or programs that automatically complete things for you

  • Don’t create multiple GetPaidTo accounts for one user

Earning points with GetPaidTo is a great way to save extra money on purchases. You can also cash out your points, or trade them in for a gift voucher. If you are spending time completing tasks to earn yourself some points and you find they are not crediting, there are a few possible reasons why this could be happening.

Common reasons for points not crediting include:

  • Clicking off a video before it ends
  • You have already completed the offer at another website
  • Not clearing cookies
  • Using false information to complete the offer
  • Points gained from some offers take longer to clear than others’

Here at GetPaidTo, we want to help you make the most of your points. Follow these simple instructions to avoid losing your well-earned rewards.

1.Be patient

Don’t worry if your points do not credit straight away. The offer may not have been reported by the advertiser yet. Some offers may take more than 24-48 hours to credit.If you have still not been credited with your points after that time then then may be a few other reasons why.

2. Watch videos to the end

If you have watched a video on one of the offer walls then it is important to make sure you view the entire video and ensure you do not click off until it ends. If you do click away from the video before it has finished, you will not receive your points.

3. Do not carry out the same task more than once

When filling out information for offers, it is important to only fill out those that are relevant to you. You may find that some offers appear on more than one GPT site. If you have previously filled out the same survey or completed the same task via another service, your points will not credit.

4. Make sure your web browser’s cookies are up to date

We use cookies to verify that you have filled out the survey. Make sure your browser is up to date, cookies are enabled, and you aren’t using a proxy server. We would recommend using either Edge, Chrome or Firefox. It is also important to remember to clear your cookies regularly. This information can be found by visiting the ‘tools’, ‘settings’ and ‘options’ menu in your browser. We would recommend that you do this after every offer you complete.

5. Do not use false information

Using false information to fill out surveys and comlete tasks could result in the credit being reversed and your account being closed. Ensure you use accurate information when completing offers and if an offer requires a credit card, please submit accurate information. Using prepaid credit/debit cards may result in no points being credited.

Another important thing to remember is to use a real email address. Confirmations and activations will often be emailed to you to validate your offer or survey. If you use a false or test email address, you will not be able to activate your offer. This will mean your points will not be credited. If you want to keep these emails separate, you can set up another email account specifically for your surveys and offers.

6. Read the instructions fully

When completing tasks on offer walls, make sure you read the instructions given. If you don’t fully fill the offer out, you won’t be credited with any points. Many offers on the offer walls have a small description explaining what it is that you need to do. Once you have done this, make sure you keep clicking to the end as most offers require you to do so in order to be credited with your points.

Some offers have specific requirements regarding participants so you may not be eligible to fill out all offers.

Quick and useful tips

Follow these top tips to avoid the common mistakes and ensure you get credited with all the points you are owed.


  • Make sure your browser is up to date, cookies are enabled, and you aren’t using a proxy server.

  • When completing offers, make sure you submit accurate information.

  • Make sure you complete the task by following the instructions given. If you don’t fully fill the offer out, you won’t be credited.

  • If an offer requires a credit card, please submit accurate information. Using prepaid credit/debit cards may result in no points being credited.

  • Turn off all ad blockers and pop-up blockers. Sometimes advertisers won’t report your offer as completed because the “Thank You” page gets blocked.

  • Always screen shot completed offers and surveys so that you have evidence when querying points balances.


  • Don’t use auto-fill programs, fill out the information yourself.

  • Don’t submit the same offer more than once – you won’t be credited for completing the same offer multiple times. This also includes completing the offer on other websites.

  • Don’t cancel offers after you submit them. For example, if you sign up for a trial for a product and cancel after completing the offer, you will not be credited.

  • Don’t complete multiple offers from the same companies in quick succession, spread your time by doing offers from different companies. It’s recommended to take 5 minute breaks between each offer.

  • Don’t complete a large amount of offers in one sitting, the more you do in a day the more the chance you won’t get credited for a task.

  • Don’t forget to claim your offers. If you don’t claim them, we can’t credit you. Make sure you check your spam folder in your email for confirmation links.

If your offer doesn’t credit after 72 hours and you have followed all the suggested advice, contact the offer company first for help. Many of our offer walls have a “Support” or “Missing Points” link in the corner of their wall. We would recommend taking a screen shot of your finished surveys or confirmation emails to provide the offer wall with proof of completion.

If a GetPaidTo offer doesn’t credit your points then contact us directly and report it as broken.

Now you know how to avoid these common problems, head on over to our GetPaidTo points offers and earn some more points.

You may have been invited to take part in online surveys before; perhaps you have done some, but maybe not enough to make it seem worthwhile.

Here at GetPaidTo we have brought together some of the best research panels and survey providers to give you a wide choice of surveys to complete every day. And to get paid for!

So how do you start getting paid for taking surveys?

1. Start earning

Firstly, surveys vary greatly in length and scope depending on what the company or brand wants to find out about.

It’s worth thinking about what sort of information you are happy to disclose. Some surveys will be focussed on family structure and habits, some on shopping habits and spend and others may want more detailed information about your financial providers.

Accordingly, some surveys will pay more than others for more valuable information.

To start earning from surveys, you need to become a member of GetPaidTo by entering your email address and setting a password. Then you’re ready to go!

You can see the range of survey providers by visiting the survey section within GetPaidTo.

2. New survey opportunities

By pulling together many survey providers in one place, GetPaidTo offers you new opportunities to earn on a daily basis.

Surveys will vary in length, scope and level of reward so it’s worth checking back daily to see if there’s something you can do wherever you are, even if you’re on the move with some time to spare.

3. Your profile and pre screening

It’s worth remembering that you won’t always fit the profile for every survey, depending on who the survey is for and what they want to find out.

E.g. if it’s all about kids’ food brands and you don’t have children then it’s not going to be a survey for you.

Some surveys will require you to answer several questions before they can determine whether you are the right profile for them. These are called ‘pre-screening’ questions and are a necessary part of the process for completing these paid tasks.

4. Time it will take to complete surveys

This is hugely variable and can range from 5 minutes to a good 30 minute session!

As always, remember the more time it takes, the greater the rewards on offer.

TIP: If you notice the questions look familiar be careful in case you have already completed this survey from another provider within GetPaidTo. Sometimes the same questionnaire can be distributed by more than one provider, but if you have already completed it you won’t be paid twice for it.

5. Typical responses

Once you have completed the set questions you are likely to receive one of three responses:

Successful completion – your were the right profile respondent, your answers have been accepted and you will be paid for the task
Quota of respondents is full, sorry better luck next time – in this case you were unlucky and the desired number of respondents was already met before you started answering.
Disqualified – this simply means that you don’t fit the person profile they want. This could be for many reasons such as lifestyle, profession, age, gender and so on.

6. Getting paid for surveys

Once you have successfully completed a survey you will see the GPT Points credited to Your Account. These points can be accessed straight away and can be cashed out as soon as you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Start earning now

Bandwidth Renting

Bandwidth Renting is a cloud platform that serves websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of expensive data centers). We save websites money, and put unused hardware to good use.
Our goal is to leverage the vast amount of under-utilized hardware around the world as a distributed cloud platform, helping to reduce cloud costs, improve performance, and even reduce environmental impact.

Just install the Bandwidth Renting node, and you will be able to earn money when your computer is idle! Our software detects when your device isn’t being used, and then it will use your bandwidth and CPU to serve web content and perform computation!

Our goal is to be able to leverage the vast amount of under-utilized computing resources around the world. Instead of letting your computers sit idle, we want to use them as useful cloud servers.

We do not monitor what you do on your computer, we do not collect your personal info, and we do not access any of your personal files.

We aren’t in the business of selling your data, or of mining cryptocurrency, and we have a full team in place dedicated to preserving the privacy and security of your computers.
It is a venture-capital backed company and are trusted by a network of thousands of individuals and businesses around the world.

Keep in mind when you install the software, there is usually a 24-48 hour delay until you show up in our reports

You can earn up to $40 per month or $1.33 PER DAY doing NOTHING! The amount you earn is dependent on a few factors.

Our payment scheme is as follows:
1-10Mbps – $2 /month
10-100Mbps – $8/month
100Mbps+ – $4/40Mbps/month up to $40. So for example, 260Mbps would be $20 per month.

Payouts also scale depending on how much availability you have.

For example, if you have 80% availability, you will get your daily payout multiplied by 0.8. This will apply to any availabilities below 90%, so if you have over 90% availability you won’t be affected. So for example, if you have 100Mbps upload and 50% availability you will receive $4 a month.

There is a minimum of 50% availability for a given day to get paid.

Typically if you didn’t get paid, that means your computer wasn’t available for at least 50% of the day. Your computer MUST be available on a daily basis at least 50% of the time.

We aren’t doing highly intensive things with your computer when idle; so Bandwidth Renting will not add much to your electricity bill.

We always pay more than electricity (drop us an email if we aren’t, we will be happy to rectify that for you!).

Your bandwidth is anonymously aggregated into a cloud network of thousands of devices. These devices are then used as a whole, with tasks distributed among all of them, in order to provide low cost and high performance cloud services.

Cloud services we provide currently are CDN, proxies for webscraping, high performance compute for research teams and video transcoding. We aim to rapidly expand the number of services we are able to provide.

It doesn’t impact performance at all. It detects when you are using your computer and the software only runs when the device isn’t in use. You should never notice it!

Further, the electricity cost of running a node is very low. This is the opposite of cryptocurrency mining, which is very hardware-intensive and will increase your electricity bill.

No, and we never will.

This is the current list of technical requirements:

1. Microsoft Windows (64bit) or Linux (Ubuntu). For Ubuntu, see here.
2. A desktop computer. We also accept laptops which are online more than 50% (12 hours) of the time.
3. 2GBs of RAM.
4. 10 GBs of free storage space.
5. Upload Speed of >1Mbps

If you don’t meet these requirements, you will not get paid.

We do not support VPSs, cloud servers or VMs. Please do not install on these as you will not get paid.

Unfortunately not.

Using a VPN introduces significant latency, as data is passed to the VPN servers before hitting your device, as well as the other way around. This increase in latency severely impacts the performance of our services, and as a result, we can’t allow VPNs.

If you use a VPN sporadically, this won’t be a problem; your availability will be counted when you aren’t using the VPN. If you are using a VPN 24/7, unfortunately your availability will not be counted.

Unless your laptop will be online at least 50% (12 hours) of the time, it will not qualify for payouts.

No, not at the moment

You can forward ports on your router, allowing external traffic to be routed through your router to your computer.

You can do this by accessing your router settings. Commonly, this is found by typing into your web browser. However, this depends on the router, we recommend Googling how to access it for your particular router brand.

To set up port forwarding:
A. Make sure you have allowed Bandwidth Renting through your firewall.
B. Forward your external (source) IP and ports to the internal (destination) IP and ports of your computer. We require five ports, which can be any port number you choose. Use TCP, or TCP+UDP.
If you are unsure, please use the ports reflected in the screenshot below.

C. The procedure for forwarding a port in the router varies with each make and model of router. Check your router’s label for its manufacturer and model number and select the appropriate model at the Portforward Router Guide.
D. Once you have chosen which ports to forward, you just type these into your Bandwidth Renting installer. Just copy the same details from your router, and specify which external ports you have pointed to which internal ports.
E. You can check if you port has been opened properly by using a site like

There are also many guides online on port forwarding if you encounter any issues.
If you are struggling, make sure that your ISP allows port forwards

The main reasons people struggle to install Bandwidth Renting are issues with the networking configuration. In order to solve this, run through this checklist.

1. Make sure your uPnP or port forwarding settings have been properly configured. We have articles in our knowledge base which help with that!
2. Make sure your firewall and anti-virus aren’t blocking the connection.
3. Restart your router and your computer.

At the moment of writing we only support Windows and Linux (Ubuntu).

For Ubuntu, please send us a support ticket.

There are no current plans to support Mac

We also do not currently support phones or tablets (Android/iOS). We also do not have any future plans to at this time. Sorry!

This error means that you are behind two separate routers, which makes it hard for our servers to reach you.

The most likely reason is that your ISP doesn’t allow port forwarding or uPnP. For example, some ISPs use CG-NATs, which means we can’t access your router. The only way to resolve this would be through your ISP. You would need to request a static IP from them in order to make Bandwidth Renting work.

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