Do’s and Don’ts


About GetPaidTo

  • Set up a dedicated, genuine email address for your GPT account

  • Complete your GetPaidTo Profile for extra points and to ensure we can tell you about offers you’re interested in

  • Refer friends to us and earn GPT Points

  • Post your referral link on your facebook and twitter accounts and add it to your email signature

  • Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to get updated with the latest offers and hot deals

  • Use the Share button whenever you get paid GPT Points

  • Post GetPaidTo related content, links, or ideas on our facebook wall and earn more points
About Points

  • Complete as many tasks and offers us you can to earn GPT Points

  • Keep a log of tasks and offers completed

  • Remember you can exchange GPT Points for cash or gift cards

  • Use gifcards ASAP

  • Create a video explaining GetPaidTo, including your referral link and post to YouTube, Vimeo etc


About GetPaidTo

  • Don’t forget to check your emails!

  • Don’t send referral emails to people you don’t know

  • Don’t post referral links on websites that forbid them

  • Don’t make false claims about GetPaidTo in order to gain referrals

  • Don’t promote anything unrelated to GetPaidTo on our social pages

  • Don’t promote GetPaidTo fraudsters as they, and you, will be banned

  • Don’t submit inappropriate or offensive content of any sort on any
    GetPaidTo sites

  • Don’t forget your manners when speaking to fellow members or
    GetPaidTo staff
About Points

  • Don’t lie – as offers won’t pay out if they realise you are not being truthful

  • Don’t worry about screen outs

  • Don’t click links you are not interested in

  • Don’t use bots or programs that automatically complete things for you

  • Don’t create multiple GetPaidTo accounts for one user