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Tasks and Offers

Sponsored offers include free offers, free trials, freebies, product trials, surveys, free quotes and small purchases made for applications for things like credit cards, or to join an organisation.

After logging in to your account you can navigate to the offer walls section of this site. Each offer will display its payout amount. Simply click on the offer you wish to complete and answer all questions with valid information. Our system will then credit your account with the points earned.

Offers have tracking codes which allow our system to log correctly completed tasks. Completed tasks are then approved automatically and the points paid to your account.

You can complete as many offers as you like all day, every day! The offer walls automatically replenish themselves on a daily basis with new offers.

No and you don’t have to use the same email address that you registered with although it is best to use your primary email address so that you don’t miss out on messages, offers and orders relating to your GetPaidTo account. Secondary email accounts are fine to complete offers

NO. Submitting false information will always be treated as fraud which will result in your account being closed.

This will depend on the advertiser providing the offer. Some will accept it whilst others won’t.

Please wait at least 48 hours to see if the offer pays out to your account. If you are still not credited with points then forward us the confirmation email you received for the offer and we will investigate it to see if it can be credited to you. This will depend on several factors. E.g. You not having clicked our link, not clearing cookies, providing fraudulent information to the advertiser, duplicate signup to name a few. Investigated cases can take several days to several weeks.

There are other reasons that an offer may not credit such as:

  1. There is an issue with the advertiser or link.
  2. The offer has not been reported by the advertiser yet. (Please give ample time for offers to credit.)
  3. You have already completed this offer at another website. (Please remember that you cannot complete the same offer more than ONCE.)
  4. False information was used to complete the offer. (This is not the case for most. Nonetheless, please ensure you are signing up with legitimate information.)

Query your missing points directly with the Offerwall. Many of our Offerwalls have a “Support” or “Missing Points” link in the corner of their wall. You can open an inquiry and provide proof of completion such as an email confirmation, a screenshot, a receipt, etc. to prove to the advertiser that you have completed that particular offer.

Most of the time your inquiry will be reviewed and you will receive your points within a couple of days.

GetPaidTo Offers will not have a support link. Please complete these at your own risk and review the stats before attempting these offers. If a GetPaidTo Offer does not credit you, please report it as broken.

Yes. If you provide fraudulent information, especially a fraudulent/stolen credit card or have tried to cheat the system, then we have the right to deny or reverse the credit for a specific offer.

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