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Read our Bandwidth Renting FAQs

Help provide safe cloud services when your computer is idle!

Your computer is being securely aggregated into a distributed cloud, accelerating content delivery, scientific research, and enterprise computing without any impact on your computer's perfomance when you're using it.

Earn up to $40/month

Turn your idle desktop computers into useful cloud servers, earning you money in the process.

No Performance Impact

Runs only when the computer is idle, ensuring that the user has the best experience possible.

Help provide cloud services

Your desktop joins our distributed cloud platform, helping to serve content and perform computation.

How to get started


Download and install the client on your windows or linux operated computer

GPT username

When running the installer you'll be prompted to enter your GPT username


Install and then check your balance points balance in the next 24-48 hours!

Payouts depend on the UPLOAD speed of your connection. You can test yours by clicking the link below.

Test your upload speed

Bandwidth Renting FAQs

Bandwidth Renting is a cloud platform that serves websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of expensive data centers). We save websites money, and put unused hardware to good use.
Our goal is to leverage the vast amount of under-utilized hardware around the world as a distributed cloud platform, helping to reduce cloud costs, improve performance, and even reduce environmental impact.

Just install the Bandwidth Renting node, and you will be able to earn money when your computer is idle! Our software detects when your device isn’t being used, and then it will use your bandwidth and CPU to serve web content and perform computation!

Our goal is to be able to leverage the vast amount of under-utilized computing resources around the world. Instead of letting your computers sit idle, we want to use them as useful cloud servers.

We do not monitor what you do on your computer, we do not collect your personal info, and we do not access any of your personal files.

We aren’t in the business of selling your data, or of mining cryptocurrency, and we have a full team in place dedicated to preserving the privacy and security of your computers.
It is a venture-capital backed company and are trusted by a network of thousands of individuals and businesses around the world.

Keep in mind when you install the software, there is usually a 24-48 hour delay until you show up in our reports

You can earn up to $40 per month or $1.33 PER DAY doing NOTHING! The amount you earn is dependent on a few factors.

Our payment scheme is as follows:
1-10Mbps – $2 /month
10-100Mbps – $8/month
100Mbps+ – $4/40Mbps/month up to $40. So for example, 260Mbps would be $20 per month.

Payouts also scale depending on how much availability you have.

For example, if you have 80% availability, you will get your daily payout multiplied by 0.8. This will apply to any availabilities below 90%, so if you have over 90% availability you won’t be affected. So for example, if you have 100Mbps upload and 50% availability you will receive $4 a month.

There is a minimum of 50% availability for a given day to get paid.

Typically if you didn’t get paid, that means your computer wasn’t available for at least 50% of the day. Your computer MUST be available on a daily basis at least 50% of the time.

We aren’t doing highly intensive things with your computer when idle; so Bandwidth Renting will not add much to your electricity bill.

We always pay more than electricity (drop us an email if we aren’t, we will be happy to rectify that for you!).

Your bandwidth is anonymously aggregated into a cloud network of thousands of devices. These devices are then used as a whole, with tasks distributed among all of them, in order to provide low cost and high performance cloud services.

Cloud services we provide currently are CDN, proxies for webscraping, high performance compute for research teams and video transcoding. We aim to rapidly expand the number of services we are able to provide.

It doesn’t impact performance at all. It detects when you are using your computer and the software only runs when the device isn’t in use. You should never notice it!

Further, the electricity cost of running a node is very low. This is the opposite of cryptocurrency mining, which is very hardware-intensive and will increase your electricity bill.

No, and we never will.

This is the current list of technical requirements:

1. Microsoft Windows (64bit) or Linux (Ubuntu). For Ubuntu, see here.
2. A desktop computer. We also accept laptops which are online more than 50% (12 hours) of the time.
3. 2GBs of RAM.
4. 10 GBs of free storage space.
5. Upload Speed of >1Mbps

If you don’t meet these requirements, you will not get paid.

We do not support VPSs, cloud servers or VMs. Please do not install on these as you will not get paid.

Unfortunately not.

Using a VPN introduces significant latency, as data is passed to the VPN servers before hitting your device, as well as the other way around. This increase in latency severely impacts the performance of our services, and as a result, we can’t allow VPNs.

If you use a VPN sporadically, this won’t be a problem; your availability will be counted when you aren’t using the VPN. If you are using a VPN 24/7, unfortunately your availability will not be counted.

Unless your laptop will be online at least 50% (12 hours) of the time, it will not qualify for payouts.

No, not at the moment

You can forward ports on your router, allowing external traffic to be routed through your router to your computer.

You can do this by accessing your router settings. Commonly, this is found by typing into your web browser. However, this depends on the router, we recommend Googling how to access it for your particular router brand.

To set up port forwarding:
A. Make sure you have allowed Bandwidth Renting through your firewall.
B. Forward your external (source) IP and ports to the internal (destination) IP and ports of your computer. We require five ports, which can be any port number you choose. Use TCP, or TCP+UDP.
If you are unsure, please use the ports reflected in the screenshot below.

C. The procedure for forwarding a port in the router varies with each make and model of router. Check your router’s label for its manufacturer and model number and select the appropriate model at the Portforward Router Guide.
D. Once you have chosen which ports to forward, you just type these into your Bandwidth Renting installer. Just copy the same details from your router, and specify which external ports you have pointed to which internal ports.
E. You can check if you port has been opened properly by using a site like

There are also many guides online on port forwarding if you encounter any issues.
If you are struggling, make sure that your ISP allows port forwards

The main reasons people struggle to install Bandwidth Renting are issues with the networking configuration. In order to solve this, run through this checklist.

1. Make sure your uPnP or port forwarding settings have been properly configured. We have articles in our knowledge base which help with that!
2. Make sure your firewall and anti-virus aren’t blocking the connection.
3. Restart your router and your computer.

At the moment of writing we only support Windows and Linux (Ubuntu).

For Ubuntu, please send us a support ticket.

There are no current plans to support Mac

We also do not currently support phones or tablets (Android/iOS). We also do not have any future plans to at this time. Sorry!

This error means that you are behind two separate routers, which makes it hard for our servers to reach you.

The most likely reason is that your ISP doesn’t allow port forwarding or uPnP. For example, some ISPs use CG-NATs, which means we can’t access your router. The only way to resolve this would be through your ISP. You would need to request a static IP from them in order to make Bandwidth Renting work.