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Earn while you're asleep or just grabbing a coffee and a donut. All you need is a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone with a strong and stable internet connection!
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Earn by sharing the internet bandwidth you're not using

By running Honeygain on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, your internet connection is securely shared with a crowdsourced web intelligence network, which helps companies with processes like brand protection, ad verification, price comparison, etc.

Maximize your earnings

Turn your extra bandwidth into passive income and make the most of your internet plan.

No impact on performance

With a peak usage of under 3MB/s, the app has no effect on your browsing experience.

Make the web a better place

Your connection is used to protect brands, verify ads, test apps, and complete other tasks.

Get started and earn a $5 bonus!

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As millions of users around the world share their unused internet bandwidth with Honeygain, the company operates a crowdsourced web intelligence network and enables other businesses to complete tasks like ad verification, price comparison, and so on.

Yes! Just like a queen be knows her bees, we know our partners, and we would never recommend a risky application. Honeygain verifies and monitors its business clients carefully so no unsafe traffic passes your device – plus, it uses mandatory 2FA for all payouts and runs an automated Honeygain Anti-Cheat system

Once a month, we will give you an extra 10% of whatever you make on Honeygain STRAIGHT into your GetPaidTo account. Just keep an eye on your balance! The $5 bonus, on the other hand, will be added to your Honeygain account the moment you sign up via GetPaidTo.

With Honeygain, your earnings are based on the amount of traffic you share. You get paid in Honeygain credits that can be converted to USD (on PayPal), BTC, or JMPT once you collect 20,000 credits. However, if you choose to earn in the JumpTask mode, you can collect your earnings in JMPT at any time!

Don’t forget: When you sign up via GetPaidTo, you get a free $5 starting bonus, plus extra 10% of your daily earnings in your GetPaidTo account!

With Default Network Sharing, you get paid 3 credits for every 10MB of traffic you share, which translates to $3 for 10GB. If you’re earning on a Windows or macOS computer and the Content Delivery option is available in your region, you can use it to make 6 credits per hour on top of that – just keep in mind your device needs to be Active (not In Queue).

Depending on your device’s operating system, the app’s status will be displayed using either a colored bubble (green for Active, red for inactive) or a small bee icon that will also have a green or red indicator.

No – Honeygain is available worldwide!

Bandwidth sharing is not a resource-intensive process, which means you shouldn’t notice any difference when it comes to your electricity bills. You’ll definitely earn more than you use!

Yes, Honeygain works perfectly well on both Wi-Fi and mobile data. If you have a limited data plan and you’re worried about sharing too much traffic, you can always set a limit in the app’s settings!

There are a few foolproof ways to boost your earnings on Honeygain:
– Use more devices and networks on your account
– Try the referral program
– Win credits on the daily in-app Lucky Pot lottery
– Enter contests on Honeygain’s social media pages
– If available, use the Content Delivery feature

VPN usage is not strictly disallowed – however, it comes with associated risks. Your account could be suspended because most VPN servers provide you with a data center type IP address, which is not allowed by Honeygain.

Honeygain supports all IP types, except for data center (DCH) and reserved (RSV). If you try to connect using a DCH or RSV IP address, you will see the ‘Unusable network’ error, and the application will be stopped until you connect to an appropriate network.

One Honeygain account can have up to 10 active devices sharing bandwidth (you can have more devices connected – however, no more than 10 will be actively sharing at any given time). No more than 2 devices can be connected to the same network – otherwise, your connection will be suspended, and you’ll see a ‘Network overused’ error.

The Honeygain app has been set to only use as much of your available network bandwidth as possible without negatively affecting your device’s performance and browsing experience. The only thing you may notice is that your smartphone or tablet is using a little bit more battery life, but the difference shouldn’t be bigger than 5–8%.

The amount of data depends on your network speed and location, as some countries experience more traffic demand than others. If you’re worried about data usage, you can always set a limit in the application settings.

You can use Honeygain on Windows, macOS, Linux (on Docker), Android, and iOS.

Honeygain will not turn you into a millionaire – however, you’ll be earning completely effortlessly, so it’s essentially free money! An average user with 2–3 active devices can expect to make enough extra money to cover their Netflix or Spotify subscription fee, treat themselves with in-game purchases (e.g., Fortnite skins or Call of Duty Points) or enjoy some top-quality coffee. A pretty sweet deal, right?