Reasons for points not crediting
The Facts

Earning points with GetPaidTo is a great way to save extra money on purchases. You can also cash out your points to your PayPal account, or trade them in for a gift voucher. If you are spending time completing tasks to earn yourself some points and you find they are not crediting, there are a few possible reasons why this could be happening.

Common reasons for points not crediting include:

  • Clicking off a video before it ends
  • You have already completed the offer at another website
  • Not clearing cookies
  • Using false information to complete the offer
  • Points gained from some offers take longer to clear than others’

Here at GetPaidTo, we want to help make the most of your points and the opportunity to save money. Follow these simple instructions to avoid losing your well-earned points.

1. Be patient

Don’t worry if your points do not credit straight away. The offer may not have been reported by the advertiser yet. Some offers may take more than 24-48 hours to credit. In the meantime, why not take advantage of our cashback offers, or head on over to our What’s Hot page and earn more points whilst you wait. If you have still not been credited with your points after that time then then may be a few other reasons why.

2. Watch videos to the end

If you have watched a video either through our site or on one of the offer walls then it is important to make sure you view the entire video and ensure you do not click off until it ends. If you do click away from the video before it has finished, you will not receive your points. Many of the offer walls provide an easy way to get points by simply watching a short video that is only a few minutes long. You can earn points by watching videos here or by accessing videos on any of our offer walls listed below:

3. Do not carry out the same task more than once

When filling out information for offers, it is important to only fill out surveys that are relevant to you. You may find that some offers appear on more than one site. If you have previously filled out the same survey or promotion, your points will not credit if you then do it again through one of the offer walls.

4. Make sure your web browser’s cookies are up to date

We use cookies to verify that you have filled out the survey. Make sure your browser is up to date, cookies are enabled, and you aren’t using a proxy server. We would recommend using either Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. It is also important to remember to clear your cookies regularly. This information can be found by visiting the ‘tools’, ‘settings’ and ‘options’ menu in your browser. We would recommend that you do this after every offer you complete.

5. Do not use false information

Using false information to fill out surveys and offers could result in the credit being reversed and your account being closed. Ensure you use accurate information when completing offers and if an offer requires a credit card, please submit accurate information. Using prepaid credit/debit cards may result in no points being credited.

Another important thing to remember is to use a real email address. Confirmations and activations will often be emailed to you to validate your offer or survey. If you use a false or test email address, you will not be able to activate your offer. This will mean your points will not be credited. If you want to keep these emails separate, you can set up another email account specifically for your surveys and offers.

6. Read the instructions fully

When completing offers on offer walls, make sure you read the instructions given. If you don’t fully fill the offer out, you won’t be credited with any points. Many offers on the offer walls have a small description explaining what it is that you need to do. Once you have done this, make sure you keep clicking to the end as most offers require you to do so in order to be credited with your points.

Some offers have specific requirements regarding participants so you may not be eligible to fill out all offers.

Quick and useful tips

Follow these top tips to avoid the common mistakes and ensure you get credited with all the points you are owed.


  • Make sure your browser is up to date, cookies are enabled, and you aren’t using a proxy server.
  • When completing offers, make sure you submit accurate information with the offer.
  • Make sure you complete the offer completely by following the instructions given. If you don’t fully fill the offer out, you won’t be credited.
  • If an offer requires a credit card, please submit accurate information. Using prepaid credit/debit cards may result in no points being credited.
  • Turn off all ad blockers and pop-up blockers. Sometimes advertisers won’t report your offer as completed because the “Thank You” page gets blocked.
  • Always screen shot completed offers and surveys so that you have evidence when querying points balances.


  • Don’t use auto-fill programs, fill out the information yourself.
  • Don’t submit the same offer more than once - you won’t be credited for completing the same offer multiple times. This also includes completing the offer on other websites.
  • Don’t cancel offers after you submit them. For example, if you sign up for a trial for a product and cancel after completing the offer, you will not be credited.
  • Don’t complete multiple offers from the same companies in quick succession, spread your time by doing offers from different companies. It’s recommended to take 5 minute breaks between each offer.
  • Don’t complete a large amount of offers in one sitting, the fewer you do in a day the more chance you’ll be credited.
  • Don’t forget to claim your offers. If you don’t claim them, we can’t credit you. Make sure you check your spam folder in your email for confirmation links.

If your offer doesn’t credit after 72 hours and you have followed all the suggested advice, contact the offer company first for help. Many of our offer walls have a "Support" or "Missing Points" link in the corner of their wall. We would recommend taking a screen shot of your finished surveys or confirmation emails to provide the offer wall with proof of completion.

If a GetPaidTo offer doesn’t credit your points then contact us directly and report it as broken.

Now you know how to avoid these common problems, head on over to our GetPaidTo points offers and earn some more points.

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