Top 10 gadgets for students

Keeping up to date with the latest technology and gadgets isn't always easy when you are on a student budget but if you want to avoid some potential stress and panic at university then purchasing a few gadgets might just help. Get great savings and cashback on technology when you buy with GetPaidTo.

Here at GetPaidTo we have come up with a top 10 list of useful gadgets for students.

  • 1. Laptop


    Having your own laptop at university isn’t essential but it would sure help. If you live in halls for your first year then you will most likely have a 24/7 library at your disposal but when the time comes to move into a shared house that’s when a laptop will become invaluable. It gives you the option to study in your bedroom and get in that last minute cramming without having to leave the house. It also comes in useful for watching movies when you get some free time.

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  • 2. Printer


    Having your own printer whilst at university is something that will avoid a lot of stress when you are approaching deadline. With most deadlines falling around the same date, you can only imagine the queues surrounding the printer. With it being so busy, a common problem facing many students is the toner running out when it’s finally your turn to print. Avoid this problem with your own printer. It is worth spending money on a decent printer as you will be using it a lot throughout your time at university.

    You can also make sure you never run out of ink with HP’s instant ink service. If you buy an eligible printer such as the HP Envy 5530, you can enrol your printer which automatically orders you ink when you are running low.

  • 3. Dictaphone


    Making the transition from college to university can be quite a step when it comes to your workload and classes, but one big difference you will be sure to notice is the change in class style. Lectures and taking notes will become a big chunk of your class time so a Dictaphone could be quite useful if you struggle to keep up when taking notes. Simply hit record and sit back and listen. You can always write up your notes later.

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  • 4. Note taking pen


    If writing notes helps you to absorb information then a dictaphone may not be very helpful. Why not try a note taking pen. This gadget is relatively new to the market but also one that has become popular amongst students. The Echo smartpen from Livescribe records everything you hear, say and write and even links your audio to your notes. This gadget is great for students as it allows you to record your lectures and means you only have to take down the key notes.

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  • 5. Alarm Clock

    Alarm Clock

    Every student needs an alarm clock to get you to those early lectures on time and with most of us relying on our mobile phones for an alarm clock, it is very easy to just hit the snooze button and blissfully fall back to sleep. But not with a clock on wheels. The clock will move about around your bedroom and the only way to turn it off is to catch it, by that point you will be out of bed.

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  • 6. Ipod speakers/docking station


    Most students bring either a docking station or speakers with them to uni. Speakers are a must have if you are throwing a party or having friends over. You won’t have to worry about changing the CD when it ends, just plug in your iPod and play. Shop through GetPaidTo at any of the following merchants and receive cashback on your purchase:

  • 7. Headphones


    Alternatively if you don’t want to share your music with others then you will need a good pair of headphones. If you like to listen to music whilst you’re working away on an essay then make sure you get a good pair of headphones. Or if you want to drown out the sound of wild parties in other rooms then a pair of noise cancelling headphones may become your best friend.

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  • 8. Flash drive

    Flash drive

    Every student will need at least one and it’s best to get one with a high storage space, the bigger the better. Remember to back up your work at all times, you don’t want to put in a lot of hard work only for it to be lost. You will probably need to buy a few of these throughout your time at uni, it’s quite easy to lose them especially if you forget about them and leave them plugged into a public computer.

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  • 9. Bottle opener/corkscrew


    Probably the one item that every student will need, whether you are planning on throwing any parties or just having pre drinks for a night out, you won’t get through your university experience without one. You can buy the standard bottle openers and cork screws quite cheaply or if you would prefer, you can also buy quirky designs. The Following merchants sell some quirky bottle openers:

  • 10. External hard drive


    This might not be needed by all students but if you consider yourself a movie buff then it will be useful for storing all of your films ready for when you get a bit of time to yourself. It is also another way of backing up your work to ensure you don’t lose important essays should your computer give up and die. Buy your hard drive from any of the following merchants to receive cashback on your purchase.

These are just some examples of the savings you can make with GetPaidTo. If you want to go gadget shopping before you leave for university, why not take advantage of the chance to save some money and earn some cashback. What student doesn’t want to save money? Find out more on our Getting Started page.

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