Student Discounts and Offers

You don't need us to tell you that going to Uni is expensive. There are fees and rent to pay, books to buy, and the occasional pub trip to fund as well.

We've all been there - the loan instalment comes in, you feel flush, so you treat yourself to the odd luxury item. A new dress here, a new laptop there, and then all of a sudden you're living off baked beans for the rest of the term.

It doesn't have to be like that! Spend your money wisely - and use your student discount as often as you can - and you'll be able to buy the things you need (and want) without making your parents worry about you not having enough cash to eat properly.

Our money saving guide is here to help you become a savvy student when it comes to online shopping.


The NUS student discount is the bread and butter of money saving. Once you’ve got yourself an NUS Extra card, you’ll be able to get money off from some of the UK’s favourite brands, including the likes of Apple and ASOS, and high street fashion stores like New Look and Topshop. The discount is often 10%, but can vary between around 5% and 25%.

At GetPaidTo, we work with a whole host of brands that offer student discount – meaning that not only do you get your discount, but you can get cashback and earn points too.

Not sure about earning cashback online? Find out more about how GetPaidTo works on our Getting Started page.

Check out our student discount lists below.

Save money on electronics

Need a new laptop? Looking for a DVD box set to veg out in front of? Shop with GetPaidTo at any of the online stores below to get cashback, points and your student discount.

Check out the latest cashback offers in our computer and electronics category to see how much you could save by shopping online with GetPaidTo.

Save money on clothes and accessories

Living life on a budget doesn’t mean you have to look anything short of fabulous at all times. Shop online with any of the high street brands below and GetPaidTo to bag yourself some great savings.

Visit our clothing and accessories page to browse our latest cashback offers.

Save money on student essentials

From takeaways to books, earn student discount and get cashback from the brands below with GetPaidTo:


Coupons and voucher codes have long been a money saving staple. For online stores that don’t offer student discounts, you still might be able to avoid paying full price by finding a valid voucher code.

Check out our voucher codes page for our latest money-off coupons. They’re a simple way to save money straight away, and can sometimes be used alongside cashback offers too.

Earn cash rewards when you shop

If you’re happy to wait for your money, cashback shopping could be the perfect way to help you save and earn money online; earn a little extra cash as you buy the essentials you need to survive Uni.

Once you’ve signed up for a GetPaidTo account, it’s easy to start earning cashback. Simply search for the products you need or the retailers you love, click through to their site and make your purchase. Your visit will be tracked, and you’ll be eligible for the cashback as detailed on the shop’s page on GetPaidTo.

Earn cash rewards without spending a penny

Looking for a way to earn money online that doesn’t involve buying things in the first place? With GetPaidTo, you can earn points by carrying out simple tasks, such as watching videos or taking online surveys.

Once you’ve collected points, it’s up to you what you do with them. You can either use them to get more cashback on your shopping, exchange them for gift cards at leading retailers such as Amazon, or cash them out to your PayPal account.

Take a look at our latest points offers – pick a task and give it a go the next time you’ve got a few minutes to kill between lectures.

Where to find out more about saving money as a student

There are loads of sites and online communities out there designed to help students save money. If you’re looking for help and advice, check out some of these:

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Cashback Boosts are available when you Earn and Save at GetPaidTo. Use points earned against your purchases to get extra cashback. With up to 100% cashback on offer you can shop for free in 3 easy steps!

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1 Make an eligible cashback purchase. The piggy icon highlights that the offer is eligible for Cashback Boosts.

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