Saving for a holiday

Are you still paying for last year's holiday whilst dreaming of your next getaway? Not sure how you are going to afford your next break? Going on holiday doesn't have to break the bank, being prepared and making small savings in your daily life will ensure you don't have to scrimp on your next holiday.

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Make packed lunches

You may not think of lunch money as an extravagant purchase but think about it, £5 spent five days a week is £25, that is over £100 a month and if there are two in your household doing the same that’s over £200 a month. Just making packed lunches for a year could save you £1,300! You will probably find that you can buy enough food for one week with what it normally costs for you to buy one day’s lunch. You could also save by taking left overs to work for lunch. Plan out your meals and buy bulk ingredients, that way you will have plenty of leftovers which you can freeze and take with you.

Car share, walk, or cycle to work

Why not car share to work with your colleagues? Take it in turns to drive in so you are each using less fuel. Alternatively, you could walk or cycle to work if it’s close enough, or just get off of the train or bus an extra stop earlier. Doing this could save you a couple of pounds a day or more depending on how much you spend on travel.

Switch energy providers

Use a comparison site like or Energy Helpline to make sure you are not paying too much for your utility bills. If you find a better deal, change providers to save yourself some money each month. It’s not only utility bills you could save money on. You can also compare the following to check you are getting the best deals:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Credit cards

An average saving of £434 was achieved by 28% of consumers with motor insurance so it is definitely worth seeing if you can make any savings with any your credit cards, energy bills or insurance deals.

Sell unwanted items

Clear out your closet and sell all of your unwanted clothes on eBay. You need to be ruthless when doing this. A general rule on most items is if you haven’t worn it for at least six months, you never will with exception given to seasonal wear. It also frees up space in the home: less clutter so you can find things more easily and your existing wardrobe doesn’t get crammed into hanging space and crumpled.

You can also get cash for unwanted phones and gadgets. There’s no point in keeping them if you don’t use them.

Use the following merchants to recycle your gadgets and you can also receive cashback.

To help keep a track of your finances and savings, why not try Money Dashboard? You can keep all of your savings, credit and current accounts in one place. This is useful to help you budget. You can monitor your income and expenses and set your own financial targets, making it easier to manage your finances and save for your holiday.

Getting the best deals on holidays

When booking your holiday, make sure you avoid all of the hidden costs and get the deal you want without scrimping on quality. Here at GetPaidTo, we have come up with some handy holiday tips to help you get the best deals.

Plan ahead and set yourself a budget

When booking your holiday its best to book as far in advance as possible. You can get great deals when booking early and you will have a lot longer to pay it off. Set yourself a budget of what you want to spend and consider the amount of spending money needed if you were to go self-catering or half board compared to an all-inclusive deal.

Trade in supermarket reward points

Save up your Tesco Clubcard points or Nectar points and use them against the price of your holiday. When you do this you get more for your points. With Tesco you can get up to triple points when you use them to travel with any of the travel operators listed on their website.

Book deals with free child places

A lot of package holidays offer one free child place. If you are booking a family trip, make the most of these offers and pay for one less child leaving you more money for extras or spending money.

Beware Budget Airlines

The prices advertised may seem like a real bargain but beware the budget airlines and their hidden charges. What may seem like a good deal could easily end up costing you a small fortune. For most budget airlines you will have to pay additional costs for baggage, booking costs, credit card fees, check in fees and meals. If you do decide to fly with a budget airline, take a small suitcase for carry-on luggage, check in online and take your own food.

Buy essentials before you leave

Being prepared and buying your travel essentials before you leave will save you money and leave you with extra spending money. Travel essentials like sun cream and insect repellent will cost less on the high street than they will at the airport or at your destination. You will also get better deals on currency on the high street than you will at the airport or better yet, order online with FairFX and receive further discount by cutting out the middle man. You can get the money delivered to your door before you leave.

If you want to save up some extra money for your holiday, getting cashback on your purchases is an easy way to do it. Simply shop with GetPaidTo and receive cashback on your shopping. If you do this for a whole year before your holiday, you will have a lot of extra spending money to take with you.

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