Saving money on a wedding

When you're planning for one of the happiest days of your life, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with everything you need to think about. Buttonholes, table decorations, wedding favours, flowers; the list is endless. Planning a budget wedding doesn't have to mean scrimping on quality. A few personalised touches could give you the wedding you want at a fraction of the cost.

It's well-known that one of the major causes of divorce is debt and financial strain. Don't start your married life buried in financial stress, plan your dream wedding on a budget with our money saving ideas.

1. Don’t mention the W word!

When booking things for your wedding, no matter what it is, as soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’, the price will increase. Avoid this by calling it a celebration or a party. Try it when ordering flowers or the catering and notice the difference in the price you get quoted.

2. Haggle on everything

When booking your wedding you should try and haggle the price on everything. The worst they can say is no. It’s a good idea to get quotes from a range of sources and then mention the better price to competitors to see if they will bring down their price to match. Make sure you get any discounts that are offered to you in writing.

3. Pick the best date

Getting the date right can have a big impact on the cost of your wedding. Having a winter wedding will cost you less than a summer wedding, and so will having your nuptials during the week as opposed to the weekend. Having a weekday wedding may be tricky for some of your guests, but the most important people will make it and if numbers are slightly lower because of this, the less it will cost you in catering.

4. Book a budget venue and dress it up

Save money on your wedding reception by booking a church or village hall and decorating it yourself. You may be surprised at how good it can look with the right decorations.

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5. Buy your dress second hand

You don’t have to spend thousands on your dress as most wedding magazines would have you believe. Why not consider buying a second hand dress from a charity shop? Get the perfect dress whilst also doing your bit for charity. You could also donate the dress back to charity once you are done with it. Oxfam have a dedicated bridal section with wedding dresses starting from £50 plus receive cashback on your purchase.

6. Buy your dress from a department store

If you would prefer to buy a brand new dress, you can still do this on a tight budget. Many department stores are now stocking bridal ranges at low cost prices. You can even pick up pretty flower girl style dresses from supermarket clothing departments such as F&F at Tesco.

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7. Make your own wedding invitations

Add personal touches to your wedding by making your own invitations. Make personalised photo invites of you and your other half and get creative with your invitations.

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8. Get your make up done for free

Instead of hiring a beauty stylist to do your make up, why not head to a beauty counter in your nearest department store? You can get your make up done for free but you may just need to buy a lip colour so you can touch up during the day. If you don’t have time on the day of your wedding, visit the beauty counter beforehand for some helpful tips and advice on applying your make up yourself.

9. Make your own wedding favours

Don’t spend a lot on wedding favours as a lot of them get left behind on the table. Edible party favours are popular and are more likely to be used. Cookies inspired by your wedding theme or sweetie goodies are popular and easy to make yourself.

10. Swap traditional tiered cakes to cupcakes

Fancy tiered wedding cakes can easily cost way up into the hundreds but cut the price by having one tier and the rest cupcakes. You can get nice wedding stands for cupcakes and it makes it easier to share with guests.

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11. Supply your own alcohol

Supply your own table wine for the toasts. Try and book a venue with no corkage fee but if not, haggle the price down. If the price of the wine along with corkage fee increases the price considerably, it may be worth doing your sums and finding out if it’s cheaper to let the venue supply the drinks.

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12. Make your own table decorations and place settings

Why not head to your local beach to pick up some nice pebbles and paint the names of your guests on them. That also makes a nice souvenir for guests to take away with them all for the price of a sample pot of paint. You can buy a tester pot of paint for as little as £1 from B&Q plus receive cashback.

13. Use the talents of friends and family

You would be surprised how much money you could save by asking your friends and family to chip in with the arrangements. If you know someone that’s good at baking, ask them to make the cake, or if you know anyone good with a camera, maybe a student, ask them to take the photographs. Even if you don’t know someone directly, chances are you will know someone through a friend of a friend which may secure you even a small discount. It’s worth asking around before you make any bookings.

14. Don’t cater for all guests

Having a buffet in the evening instead of the formal sit down meal will save you money as buffets are cheaper per head. Don’t pay for a buffet for all of your guests as a lot of it will go to waste at the end of the night. Only cater for 75% of your guests as this will be more than enough food for everyone.

15. Know what’s included in the price

When getting quotes for your wedding, make sure you know exactly what is included in the price. This includes VAT and annual inflation. These added extras could take you over budget if you don’t account for them from the beginning.

When ordering items for your wedding online, shop with GetPaidTo to receive cashback on your purchases. We also have a range of voucher codes so remember to shop around with our merchants to make sure you are getting the best deals.

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