Money saving guide for new parents

Children are as costly as they are adorable. Your finances take the hit even before they arrive, so it's good to prepare yourself as early as possible. We've chosen a few choice important milestones and ways to save money with to help you on your way as a new parent.


So you’ve carried them for 9 months while preparing yourself. Even so, I’m sure you feel slightly like you’ve been thrown in at the deep end. Don’t worry! Every new parent has something they’re not too sure about. Trust your instincts and learn as you go. In the meantime, save some money on those expensive essentials. From furniture to newborns clothing, GetPaidTo have so many useful retailers on board. We’ve also found a handy site called, which compares the price of nappies across the board, and then afterwards you can use GetPaidTo to get cashback from some of the featured retailers!

Useful Retailers:


Whether you’re still at the wrapping-is-better-than-the-present stage or starting to creep into latest-big-thing territory, there are ways to budget and save so everyone’s happy. We’ve got several party item retailers, (Party Box with up to 7.5% cashback, Party Pieces and Party Things 2 Go) both with up to 5% cashback), with places to go for those all-important prezzies listed below.

Useful Retailers:


So your precious baby has grown up and is off to school for the first time. With this milestone comes another batch of great expenditure, so it’s good to be prepared so you can get the best deal. Many retailers offer back-to-school deals: WHSmiths often offer free delivery and up to 10% cashback when you shop online with them, with a whole array of options when it comes to the much needed new school year pencil case, pens, rubbers, rulers etc.

When it comes to uniforms, getting the best value for money is a daunting task, everywhere always seems to have some sort of deal on, with a million ways to entice you to buy including ‘scuff resistant shoes’ and ‘stain resistant clothing’. As long as you get your staples sorted, this chore can be made at least slightly easier. Tesco offer all sorts of deals around the end of the summer holidays and beginning of term time. With prices starting as low as £2.50 with up to 10% cashback!


Want to entertain the kids but you’re on a budget? Look no further. We’ve cashback deals from useful retailers such as GoGroopie with up to 8% cashback! They offer all manner of things to buy and do within a dedicated ‘kids’ section! Not forgetting those rainy days or lazy Sunday afternoons with a film courtesy of Zavvi with up to 6% cashback.

Cashback on toys and games:

Cashback on days out:

Parental Extras

Need a night out but no-one is free to babysit? How about trying ‘Find a Babysitter’ with up to £20 cashback.

And what about keeping a record of your child as they grow and change? Budgeting in a photobook may seem like a luxury, but can be quite reasonable and a unique way of keeping hold of old photos. PhotoBox offer up to £6.50 cashback, and with books starting at only £5.99, you could save a load!

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Where to find out more about saving money when you’re a new parent

There are loads of sites and online communities out there designed to help you save money when you’re a first time parent. If you’re looking for help and advice, check out some of these:"

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