Setting up a home office

If you're setting up a home office for the first time, find out what you need to make it a success. From choosing the right chair to getting the best equipment, find out how you can make your work space a productive one.

Choosing the right space

When choosing where to set up your home office, you need to make sure it is an area free from distractions and somewhere that you will not be easily disturbed. If you have a spare room, this will be ideal, it’s nice to be able to leave that space at the end of your working day and close the door. If you don’t have a spare room, find somewhere quiet and out of the way. Wherever you choose, make sure that area has an adequate amount of space and enough plug sockets. A phone line connection could also be useful for multiple lines. Lighting is another thing to consider when choosing the right space. Natural light is important however you will need additional sources when working at night or during the winter. When setting up the room, don’t place your computer screen so that it is in direct sunlight.

Home Office Furniture


A good comfortable chair is a vital piece of furniture. It is worth spending more money for better quality as a bad chair can affect your posture and lead to health problems. The chair should be adjustable so that you can sit with your feet flat, back straight with the top of the screen at eye level.

When buying your desk, it should have enough work space for your need. If you require a lot of space, L-shaped desks are ideal as you have room for your computer and space to work away from it, or to have paperwork close by.

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The decoration of the room is something that should be considered to help you get into a working frame of mind. Decorate in light colours to make smaller spaces appear bigger, a light and airy room will help you to concentrate. A room with a window is ideal because you can open the window to prevent a small room from becoming hot and stuffy. A window view is also nice when working for longer periods of time. It won’t cause much of a distraction and you can casually glance out of the window as and when you need to give your eyes a break from the screen.

Make sure you have ample storage to prevent the room from being too cluttered as this can cause distractions and make it harder for you to focus.

Home Office Equipment


If you are setting up your first home office, there will be a lot of equipment that you will need. You may have some of it already but it’s a good idea to keep your office constantly stocked up to avoid running out of essentials.


What you might need:

  • Computer/laptop
  • Printer with fax/copy/print functions
  • Landline phone
  • Printing paper
  • Ink cartridges
  • Envelopes
  • Hole punch
  • Memo board/wall planner
  • Stationary – pens, post it notes,
    highlighters, marker pens, stapler etc.

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Buying a computer


If you are buying a computer specifically for work purposes, get the biggest hard drive, memory and fastest processor that you can afford. If you are working solely from your office then a desktop computer will be well suited however if you frequently have to travel around for meetings, you should buy a laptop. Laptop docking stations are great if you prefer to work from a desktop, simply plug your laptop into the docking station and work from a monitor. When you have meetings you can unplug your laptop and take it with you.



A good internet connection is vital for online access sending work emails. You don’t want a bad connection causing you to lose valuable work time. You should also think about what software you will need for your particular business. It may be that you only need something simple like email software and Microsoft Office, but depending on your role, there may be a lot more. Make a checklist of all the software that you will need. Remember to include a good anti-virus to protect your work.

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Even though you are working from home, make sure you take adequate breaks. If you have the room, put a kettle and a small fridge in your office to avoid having to take regular trips to the kitchen as this could lead to other distractions. But don’t spend all day in that one room, take a break and go outside for a walk to get some fresh air.

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