Top 5 spring hairstyles you can create at home

It's time to start growing your hair as SS15 is set to be the year for long tresses. Grow out those bobs and let those locks flourish in time for spring. Inspiration for these popular styles was taken from the latest spring/summer fashion shows, which showcased messy, casual and relaxed styled hair. A big hair trend seen on the runway whether it be a ponytail, plait or bun, was a hairstyle that looked as though it was coming undone with stray hairs falling free from the style. Although some of these up-dos may look as though they were put together quickly, that's not case. Top stylists put a lot of time into getting the right look, so if you want to emulate the styles seen on the catwalk, find out how you can create them easily at home.

1. Loose Waves


There are a number of ways you can create this look. Your hair will style better if it’s second day hair and not freshly washed. As a rule, you should follow this when creating most hairstyles.

  • Start with dry straight hair.
  • Apply a heat protection spray to your hair.
  • Separate your hair into small sections and wrap each section around the curling tong. Don’t use the clamp unless you want to create tight curls.
  • Release your hair from the tongs and then repeat this for each small section.
  • Once you have tonged all sections, run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls. Don’t use a comb or hair brush as this will cause frizz.
  • Apply some hairspray to your curls to keep them in place.

Alternatively, you can braid wet hair and then undo the braids the next day for loose sitting waves. If you only want to curl the ends, start the plaits low down or do a French plait for waves that start from the root.

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2. Wet Look

hair wet look

The wet look is a great style for a night out or a formal occasion, it effectively pulls your hair back from your face allowing you to showcase your make up. You will need plenty of product for this style.

  • Wash your hair and rough dry it so that it is still damp.
  • Section the crown of your hair and then clip it out of the way.
  • Back comb the top layer of hair that sits just under the section you have just clipped.
  • On one side, section your hair back to your ear.
  • Using a wet look gel, apply to the roots of this section and brush the hair back pinning it into place.
  • Repeat this for the other side.
  • For the crown section of hair, apply some wet look gel and like you did with the sides, brush the hair back. Unlike the sides, you don’t want this section to be as slick so only brush it back roughly.
  • You may need to add wet look gel at this stage.

Remember to only use the gel on the roots and not the ends of your hair for this wet look style.

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3. Messy Side Plait

hair plait

Plaits and braids were a popular trend at the latest shows, this messy plait incorporates this fashionable style along with the messy coming undone style.

  • You want the hair to look naturally messy. Add some volume spray and start scrunching it with your hands. If you want to add some extra volume, back comb the hair in places.
  • Pull the hair back but leave some strands to the front. The more hair you leave out, the messier it will look around you face.
  • Separate the hair at the back into three sections. Pull the right strand over the middle and the left over the new middle. Repeat this step until you have a plait.
  • As you are creating the plait, don’t pull the strands too tightly as you want to build a loose plait. Once you are finished, fasten the end with a hairband or elastic.
  • To create the messy look, pull out a few strands of hair from the plait. You should also pull the plait strands out to make it looser.
  • Softly curl the loose strands that were pulled to the front and give them a scrunch with your hands to complete the look.

4. Long Low Ponytails

hair ponytail

Low ponytails were prominent on the runways for SS15 and are an easy style that you can achieve at home. Here’s how to get this look:

  • Either put your hair in rollers or curl the ends using curling tongs. For this it’s best to create some big and bold curls.
  • Spray your hair with a volumising product and run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls.
  • Section the sides of your hair and clip them out of the way, then separate the top layer from the back and clip that up.Repeat this step until you have a plait.
  • Backcomb the back of your hair and then release the top layer and smooth over the top. This will create the volume at the back.
  • Unclip the front sections and along with the back, secure into a low ponytail.
  • Wrap a few strands around the hairband and pin with a hair grip.
  • Pull a few loose strands out around your face for more of a messy look.
  • Spray with some hairspray and then the look is complete.

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5. Accessories

hair accessories

Playful hair accessories were popular on the catwalk, with a range of different materials and pieces including flowers, feathers and jewels. Jazz up any hair style with one of these accessories and get cashback on your purchases.

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