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We're all familiar with photo editing software in one capacity or another, whether it be Photoshop or something a little more casual, like Instagram, which has over 300 million users. Photo editing is no longer for the few and is more accessible than ever before. From apps which add cute texts and borders but also offer a variety of filters, there's the lovely 'A Beautiful Mess'; to the completely random and wonderful creations from fragment: an app which completely manipulates your image to become something more than a profile picture on Facebook. Take a look at our roundup of some of the jazziest photo effects on the market.

photo pig

These are our original images that we shall manipulate with our chosen software, to enable you to see what can be done with just a simple photo of a cup and a piggy bank!

A Beautiful Mess

beautiful mess
beautiful mess effect
beautiful mess effect
beautiful mess effect

This app comes recommended by lifestyle bloggers the world over. Offering a multitude of effects and additions for only 79p, with the ability to buy further effects for the same reasonable price. We have only used the base effects to show you just how much can be done with borders, type, doodles and filters. Created by Red Velvet Art, ABM is not an unknown app, reaching number one in the app store with over a million installs, and it’s no wonder with all the fun things you can do to your photos. Their motto is ‘Your life is beautiful. Your photos should be, too’ and I think that’s definitely achieved with this app. Once you’ve done editing with all of the tools available, there is the ability to share them through e-mail, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. #ABeautifulMess.


instagram icon
instagram effect
instagram effect
instagram effect

Now we couldn’t talk about photo editing without talking about, arguably, the most popular photo editing app of all time: Instagram. This powerful little app boasts hundreds of millions of users, in the easiest editing software ever created. Popular with people of all ages, from trendy foodies to party people, and of course who could forget the power of a good Valencia filter on a selfie? With many more effects such as vignette and the ability to edit the colouring and sharpness of your images, Instagram is a one man band for perfect photos. This app also offers your own personal photo feed, direct messaging, commenting and liking ability. With direct publishing to other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare.


fragment icon
fragment effect
fragment effect
fragment effect

Although this is our priciest app on the list, we didn’t think it right to mention quirky photo editing software without it. At around £1.50 depending on which store you’re buying from, Fragment offers something unique for the photo editing junkie. Completely changing your photo of say, a sunset, into something truly spectacular and exciting, like a kaleidoscope for your photos! Optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android users, your photo is just the beginning with Fragment with a staggering amount of things you can do with your images. The prismatic filter is only the start; rotate, resize, frame, drag, zoom, crop and more. Add colours and adjust levels to make something truly unique. If you’re feeling indecisive, Fragment also offers a ‘shuffle’ option. Our experiments with it do not do this app justice, so take a look for yourself! Also housing the ability to share with Instagram, Facebook, twitter and more photo enhancing apps.

Split Pic

split-pic icon
split-pic effect
split-pic effect
split-pic effect

With over 30 million users, the free Split pic app is proven to offer something out of the ordinary. Create works of art from simple images and give them maximum impact. Split Pic divides your camera into several sections with 7 free layouts to choose from. You can choose to blend these images together creating a flawless looking special effect, or make a sharp contrast between the photos to collage multiple images. The possibilities are limitless! Start with selecting a layout, and then choose to either use your camera or upload images from your device. You can blend the images together to create something quite out of the ordinary. After manipulating your blends you can add filters, (separate for each picture) and create something truly unique. We’ve been messing around with our Piggy as you can see! You can also collaborate with friends, sending them half an image which they can complete, perfect for long distance friendships or just a bit of fun! Once you’ve finished manipulating, you can save your creation to your camera roll and share it with your friends! With integrated social media sharing, within seconds your image can be shared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Email, or SMS is just a click away.

Cool Finger Faces


Just as a final funny addition, we stumbled upon this cute free app which enables the user to create works of art with their fingers without even having to go near a felt tip pen! With several adorable faces to choose from, as well as accessories, arms and hair! Quickly shareable to social media and a fun addition to our roundup of photo editing madness.

After having fun playing around with various effects on these apps, it’s clear to see that they all offer something for everyone in regards to photo editing for the casual user, using fun and interesting ways to manipulate your photos. All of these apps trialled work together and give the ability to upload images via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more, Making them fully functioning social

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