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  • January 2016

    Over a third of Brits entered 2016 in debt

    New research from GetPaidTo reveals that although many are still suffering from last year’s debt, Britain is a nation of ‘wannabe’ savers with two-thirds aiming to put away cash in 2016.

    LONDON, UK - As we settle into the New Year, cashback and rewards site GetPaidTo can reveal over a third of Brits (35%) are starting 2016 in debt. Yet it seems many are determined to make a change next year with two-thirds (67%) hoping to enter 2017 in the black.

    The research, which surveyed over 2,000 people in the UK, found that the average Brit will take just over 9 months to repay their dreaded debt this year. Surprisingly, the research shows that men are quicker to get their finances in order, taking an average of eight and a half months to repay debt, compared to women who take an average of 10 months.

    'Wannabe' Savers

    It seems that despite the nation’s January debt, Britons are optimistic that this will be the year to save with over a third (34%) making a New Year’s resolution to save money for their future this year. In fact, 67% of those surveyed made a finance-based New Year’s resolution for 2016 reiterating the need for people to improve their finances. However, only 3% aim to save for a purchase for someone else, demonstrating that holidays like Christmas are far from many people’s minds when perhaps they should be preparing now.

    Interestingly, it’s the young who are most likely to make a resolution to save for their own future, with over half (52%) of 16-24 year olds claiming that this year they will aim to put away cash for a rainy day. Almost 40% of those in London have made this promise to themselves, perhaps hoping to get on the housing ladder in the notoriously expensive city.

    On average, the survey respondents said they hope to save around £216.85 a month, making their financial resolutions a reality this year. However, for those ‘wannabe’ savers still suffering from last year’s spending, it will prove a difficult task as a third (32%) admit to taking up to a year to repay debt. GetPaidTo’s research is a worrying sign that although Brits plan to save, Britain is ultimately a nation of ‘wannabe’, rather than ‘actual’, savers. Previous research from GetPaidTo showed that one in five (20%) were still paying for the previous Christmas last August – indicating that perhaps the nation isn’t learning from last year’s mistakes.

    Plan to save

    With this in mind, cashback and rewards website GetPaidTo is encouraging the nation to take advantage of its opportunity to make great earnings and savings online, 24/7. GetPaidTo users can earn GPT Points by completing paid-for surveys, watching videos, listening to radio; all a form of market research for top brands and product testing companies.

    They can then spend their GetPaidTo Points by selecting from either a cash transfer, gift cards or a Cashback Boost. Plus, when a user tells a friend about GetPaidTo and they begin earning points, GetPaidTo rewards the original user with 15% commission on their points earnings – for life. The site also offers ways to save money, with cashback shopping, discount vouchers and special offers from thousands of UK retailers.

    Brits could even get ahead of the game and start saving for next Christmas with GetPaidTo’s Christmas Saver Club – the only saver club where there is no need to make monthly deposits, no tie-ins, no penalties, or any other restrictions.

    "With 35% of people beginning the year in debt, it’s hardly surprising that only 9% begin saving for Christmas in January," comments Karim Wilkins, CEO at GetPaidTo. "Using GetPaidTo’s Christmas Saver Club, people can be more prepared than ever saving for Christmas now and helping them start next year without all that leftover Christmas debt."

  • August 2015

    One in five Brits still paying back last year’s Christmas debt

    As new research finds Brits still struggling to pay off Christmas debt, GetPaidTo launches newChristmas Saver Club in a bid to help Britons save and earn ahead of Christmas.

    17th August, 2015 – Last Christmas may feel like a lifetime ago, but it seems many Britons are still feeling the post-Christmas blues as GetPaidTo’s Christmas Saver Club reveals that one in five are still paying back last year’s holiday debt in August.

    The research, which surveyed 2,000 people in the UK, found that over a third (34%) go into debt every Christmas, of which 82% admit to struggling to pay it back, whilst 20% are still paying for last Christmas.

    It appears young professionals are struggling the most, perhaps down to pressure to purchase better gifts for family and friends now that they are working full time – almost two-fifths (39%) of 25-34 year olds go into debt over Christmas, more than any other age group.

    When it comes to how Brits are getting into debt, nearly one in five (17%) are spending on gifts they can’t afford by paying via credit card and almost one in ten (7.5%) are using overdraft facilities. GetPaidTo’s research is a worrying sign of a nation that can’t afford Christmas. Whilst nearly a third (32%) mean to start saving before the summer is out, the same number of people (33%) aren’t saving anything at all. In fact, only 9% start saving in January.

    In order to help Britons save this Christmas, cashback and rewards website GetPaidTo is today launching its Christmas Saver Club – the only saver club where there is no need to make monthly deposits, no tie-ins, no penalties, or any other restrictions. The new club allows users to complete tasks and get paid in GetPaidTo Points, where they can build up savings without using any of their own money. In addition to this, when users shop online via GetPaidTo, they will receive cashback on purchases which they can keep safe in the Christmas Club until they decide they need it. Savings will be automatically released on 31st October, although users can withdraw their savings whenever they choose.

    "Christmas can easily become an expensive headache instead of the fun, family holiday it should be, so it’s upsetting to see so many people around the UK getting into debt" comments Karim Wilkins, CEO at GetPaidTo. "Now that we are approaching the end of the summer, many families will be looking to Christmas as their next big expense. With a third (32%) of people planning to start saving before September, it’s important to make sure we actually do it. No one should be funding Christmas months after the festivities end and the GetPaidTo Christmas Saver Club is here to help you get prepared this year."

    Savvy saving?

    The research also revealed some interesting insights around how Brits save. It may be the 21st century with option after option available when it comes to storing our savings, but surprisingly more than one in five (21%) Britons are still saving as though they were a child – using a piggy bank. Two-thirds (65%) are using their bank account – offering flexibility similar to the Christmas Saver Club where users can retrieve savings whenever they choose. However, the club also offers the chance to save on items they would already be purchasing, as well as having the opportunity to bank their earnings from the site.

    Planning Christmas shopping

    When it comes to kicking off the dreaded Christmas shopping, a surprising one in four (26%) start before the summer is out. However, the majority leave it until much later than that with a third (32%) starting in November and one in five (21%) in December. It appears Londoners are the biggest culprits of last minute shopping, with a third leaving their Christmas shopping to December.

  • June 2015

    Homer Simpson voted the nation’s favourite fictional dad

    • GetPaidTo reveals Homer Simpson, patriarch of the iconic Simpsons family, is the nation’s favourite fictional dad
    • The loveable and hilarious Jim Royal of The Royale Family takes second place, while Homer’s cartoon patriarch rival Peter Griffin of Family Guy came third
    • Other popular fictional dads include Arthur Weasley of Harry Potter, The Lion King’s Mufasa and Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Wednesday, 17th June, 2015 - Ahead of Father’s Day, GetPaidTo – the new cashback and rewards website – has revealed the nation’s favourite fictional TV dad is Homer Simpson of America’s longest-running animated programme The Simpsons.

    In the run up to Father’s Day this year, GetPaidTo asked 1,000 Brits to vote for their favourite onscreen father figure. Even with recent whispers of a potential Homer and Marge split, the beer and doughnut loving Homer Simpson was by far the most popular dad – with almost one in five people naming him as their favourite.

    What the Deuce vs. Eat my Shorts

    When it comes to much loved and somewhat controversial American cartoons, The Simpsons and Family Guy are two of the most popular, but it seems Homer’s once again pipped Peter to the post. Still reeling from his court case loss in the much anticipated Family Guy Simpsons crossover episode, Peter came in third place with just one in ten Brits naming him as their favourite fictional dad. Jim Royal of BBC’s The Royale Family managed to squeeze in just ahead of Peter receiving 11% of the votes.

    Top 10 fictional dads

    1. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons (19%)
    2. Jim Royal, The Royale Family (11%)
    3. Peter Griffin, Family Guy (10%)
    4. Arthur Weasley, Harry Potter (9%)
    5. Mufasa, The Lion King (8%)
    6. Uncle Phil, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (7%)
    7. Walter White, Breaking Bad (7%)
    8. Ned Stark, Game of Thrones (6%)
    9. Rick Grimes, Walking Dead (5%)
    10. Phil Dunphy, Modern Family (4%)

    Daddy’s girls and boys

    Furthermore, many people are not taking the time to shop around for these purchases and therefore could be missing out on significant savings. Using a cash back site to do your online shopping for example can save you as much as 20% and therefore if the UK is spending £128 million on treats for themselves, then collectively that could be a whopping saving of up to £25.6 million.

    Top 5 fictional fathers voted for by men

    1. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons (23%)
    2. Peter Griffin, Family Guy (14%)
    3. Jim Royal, The Royale Family (10%)
    4. Walter White, Breaking Bad (8%)
    5. Ned Stark, Game of Thrones (6%)

    Top 5 fictional fathers voted for by women

    1. Arthur Weasley, Harry Potter (13%)
    2. Jim Royal, The Royale Family (12%)
    3. Mufasa, The Lion King (11%)
    4. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons (10%)
    5. Uncle Phil, Fresh Prince of Bel-air (9%)

    In order to celebrate not only these amazing fictional dads but the real dads in our lives too, GetPaidTo has exclusive offers on Father’s Day gifts available right now. From steak for a family BBQ to gadgets with Nintendo and even a day out with Discount London, GetPaidTo is sure to stock something special for your dad. Check out GetPaidTo’s Father’s Day cashback and offers: /promotions/fathers-day

    "Father’s Day is all about celebrating that special man in your life and showing him how much you care," says Amanda Georgeson from GetPaidTo. "We all know the day can be pricey – whether its purchasing presents in the run up or activities for the day itself, which is why cashback and rewards websites like GetPaidTo are the perfect shopping assistants, saving you money with each present you buy."

  • April 2015

    Stressed Brits spending £128 million a year treating themselves as a way to feel better

    GetPaidTo, the free rewards and cashback website, which launches today, reveals that retail therapy is the main way that most of us try to deal with our stressful lives.

    • 80% of those surveyed admitted to purchasing items as a way to help them relax or feel better in stressful situations
    • Almost 1 in 5 (18%) of those will spend over £20 on this treat purchase, with this number rising to 1 in 3 (32%) amongst 18-24 year olds
    • 18-24 year olds are those most likely to treat themselves when stressed
    • The most popular treat is chocolate, followed by a take-away in second place and a new item of clothing in third
    • Two-thirds (66%) of those surveyed admitted that they don’t budget for these purchases
    • Young people are the age bracket most likely to budget with 46% admitting that they do

    LONDON – 24 April, 2015 – When it comes to dealing with stress, it seems the UK population are resorting to retail therapy, with new research from revealing that we are spending a massive £128 million a year treating ourselves. The survey of 2,000 UK adults discovered that 80% of us will regularly use shopping as a way to relax or deal with a stressful situation and that 1 in 5 of us will spend over £20 on these ad hoc splurges.

    Foodie bunch

    When it comes to what we are purchasing to deal with stressful situations, 68% of us would select a bar of chocolate, nearly half of us (47%) would consider a take away, 37% would opt for a new item of clothing and over a third of us (35%) might reach for a bottle of wine. 7% of us even admit to resorting to purchasing a brand new car!

    Barely there budgeting

    With 80% of us admitting to splashing the cash, it seems that for many these purchases are also unplanned. Indeed two thirds (66%) of those surveyed admitted that they don’t budget for them when managing their monthly finances - suggesting that our retail therapy habits may be leading us to overstretch ourselves financially each month.

    Furthermore, many people are not taking the time to shop around for these purchases and therefore could be missing out on significant savings. Using a cash back site to do your online shopping for example can save you as much as 20% and therefore if the UK is spending £128 million on treats for themselves, then collectively that could be a whopping saving of up to £25.6 million.

    "With many of us juggling the stressful combination of a career and a family, it is unsurprising we are using spending as a way to relax" said Karim Wilkins from GetPaidTo. "What many people don’t know, however, is that by using cashback sites like GetPaidTo you can earn cashback on your purchases, saving you money every time you shop. Over time this saving can add up considerably, giving consumers extra money to spend treating themselves!"

  • February 2015

    Emma Willis more popular than Kate Middleton as the celebrity UK mums most want to look like

    GetPaidTo reveals which celebrities are the UK women’s top style icons and how much they spend on clothes trying to look like them

    • Over a third of mums (36%) want to dress like Emma Willis, compared to 27% who want to emulate Kate Middleton’s style
    • Comparatively for non-parents, Kate Middleton tops the poll with 35% per cent and Kendall Jenner comes in at second place with 24%
    • Over two thirds (72%) of UK women spend at least £50 every month on clothes, with 20% spending £150

    London, UK 5 February 2015 - It seems that even with the next royal baby due in April, presenter Emma Willis has knocked Kate Middleton off the top spot as the celebrity UK mums most want to look like. The star has seen a surge in popularity since becoming presenter of The Voice UK, and now it appears the mum of two has cemented her place as the style icon for UK mums as well.

    Catwalk copy or down to earth chic?

    The survey of 2,007 UK women for free shopping rewards site,, found that over a third (36%) of mums wanted to copy the down to earth high-street style of Emma Willis, with just a quarter (27%) wanting the classic British look of Kate Middleton. Comparatively for non-parents, it was Kate Middleton and Kendall Jenner who were the celebrities they most wanted to emulate style wise, with a third (35%) of those surveyed picking Kate Middleton, a quarter (27%) picking Kendall and only 9% opting for Emma.

    Hey big spender

    When it comes to how much we’ll spend to look like our style icons, over two thirds (72%) of UK women admitted to spending £50 a month on clothes for themselves, with a fifth (20%) spending up to £150 each month. Really splashing the cash were the 3 per cent who admitted to spending over £500 a month on clothes, shoes and accessories. According to those surveyed, the real big spenders are found in Wales and Northern Ireland where a quarter of women (25%) spend £150 per month on clothes, compared to less than a fifth (19%) of women in England.

    "It doesn’t matter if it’s Emma, Kate or Cara, it seems that British women are mad about fashion and enjoy spending money to look like their favourite celebrities," said Amanda Georgeson from GetPaidTo. "What many people don’t know, however, is that by using cashback sites like GetPaidTo you can earn cashback on your fashion purchases, saving you money every timeyou shop!"

  • November 2014

    Do they know it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday at all?

    With arguably the two biggest sales days of the year coming up, GetPaidTo – the new cashback and rewards service – has investigated British consumers awareness of heavily marketed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, revealing that British consumers are behind the curve when it comes to the conversation around both days and we’re only just starting to pay attention.
    Using an in-house Twitter analytics tool, GetPaidTo can identify top trends in how the shopping days have been discussed in the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In brief:

    • Last week, Brits only contributed 1.5% to the global discussion around Black Friday and 1.9% to Cyber Monday [14,401 of the 938,607 global mentions around Black Friday came from the UK; 1,659 of the 87,325 global mentions of Cyber Monday came from the UK]

    • Cyber Monday is nowhere near as popular as Black Friday with our statistics revealing there are more than 10 times as many mentions of Black Friday globally compared to Cyber Monday [938,607 mentions of Black Friday globally; 87,325 mentions of Cyber Monday globally]

    • In the UK however, Cyber Monday counts for a higher percentage of discussion than it does for Black Friday, with Brits contributing 1.5% of the global conversation around Black Friday but 1.9% around Cyber Monday

    • This is further demonstrated in the sentiment of the UK’s tweets with Cyber Monday being discussed positively – Black Friday: 86.5% neutral, 11.2% positive, 2.2% negative; Cyber Monday in the UK: 75% neutral, 24.4% positive, 0.6% negative

    • Discussion around the holidays has gained speed over the last 24 hours in the UK, increasing to a combined 5% around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People are beginning to hear about the offers one way or another and they are starting to engage in the conversation online [156,721 mentions of Black Friday globally, 3,979 mentions of Black Friday in the UK; 12,897 mentions of Cyber Monday globally, 327 mentions of Cyber Monday in the UK]

    • The top three mentioned brands in association with Black Friday and Cyber Monday are largely US brands, some with UK presences, demonstrating that the US trend is being pushed by the US brands:

    1. Amazon
    2. Costco
    3. Macy’s

    • Globally, Black Friday generated over 2.9 billion impressions last week, meaning consumers are unlikely to miss the sales and deals available to them as someone they follow is likely tweeting about it multiple times, even in the UK the impressions will be hard to miss To check out the sales and deals available on GetPaidTo during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond, go to .

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