We've got a wide range of FAQs listed below to help you with any common questions you might have. If you can't find the answer to your query here please select the Contact Us option from the main help page.

My Account

  •  How can I create an account? 
  •  Does it cost anything to be a member of GetPaidTo? 
  •  Who is eligible to use getpaidto.com? 
  •  My partner/relative/friend wants to join GetPaidTo, but we live at the same address, is this ok? 
  •  How can I change my account settings? 
  •  How long does it take for my points and cashback to show in my account? 
  •  Why do I need to verify my account using my mobile or landline number? 
  •  How can I close my account? 

Problems with My Account

  •  Why has my account registration failed? 
  •  Why can’t I login to the account I have set up? 

How To Earn Points

  •  What are GPT points? 
  •  How do I earn points by completing tasks? 
  •  How do I earn points by watching videos? 
  •  What can I do with my points? 
  •  How soon will my points be in my account after completing a task? 
  •  Do my points expire? 


  •  How do I get started with surveys? 
  •  Why take paid surveys at GetPaidTo? 
  •  How can I start earning? 
  •  How long do surveys take? 
  •  How do I get paid for surveys and when will this be? 
  •  How can I exchange my survey points for cash? 
  •  How do I know that my earnings are safe? 
  •  What are pre screening questions? 
  •  How do I know if I am eligible or not to take the survey? 
  •  Does it matter how accurately I answer survey questions? 
  •  What should I do if the survey questions look familiar? 
  •  How do I know if my survey was completed successfully? 
  •  What does it mean if the surveys quota is full? 
  •  Why has my survey submission been declined? 
  •  What do I do if there are no surveys available? 

Tasks and Offers

  •  What are sponsored offers? 
  •  How do I complete offers? 
  •  How are offers approved and paid? 
  •  How many offers can I do in a day, is this limited? 
  •  Do I have to use the same email for offers? 
  •  Can I submit false information when completing an offer? 
  •  Can I use a PO box for my mailing address when I complete offers? 
  •  What happens if a task or offer does not pay me? 
  •  Can my offers ever be reversed? 

What You Can Use Points For

  •  Can I exchange my points for real money? 
  •  Can I use my points to pay for online shopping at GetPaidTo? 

How To Earn Cashback

  •  How can I earn cashback on my purchases? 
  •  Is cashback guaranteed? 
  •  When will my cashback be paid? 
  •  Why is my cashback lower than I expected? 
  •  I think my cashback has tracked at the wrong amount, what should I do? 
  •  I have confirmed cashback in my account, why haven’t you paid me? 
  •  What happens if my purchase does not track and my cashback is not paid? 
  •  Is security software affecting my tracking? 

Cashback Boosts

  •  What are Cashback Boosts? 
  •  How can I see how much extra cashback I can get by using my points? 
  •  When will my extra cashback show in my account? 
  •  Why use points for a Cashback Boost rather than cashing them out? 

Cashback Exclusions

Cashback Claims

How to Use Discount Vouchers and Codes

Refer A Friend Program

  •  How do I earn the points bonus? 
  •  What can I earn referral commission on? 
  •  How much commission will I be paid? 

About the Forum

  •  What will I find in the forum? 
  •  Can I use the forum to ask questions? 
  •  What are the rules of GetPaidTo’s forum? 


About Chatbox

Get Social

  •  Can I earn points for liking/following GetPaidTo on Facebook, Twitter and Google+? 

Telephone Verification

Fraud Controls

  •  What is considered Fraud? 
  •  Why has my account been marked as fraudulent? 
  •  Can I get the fraud block removed from my account? 

Christmas Saver Club

  •  How can I save for Christmas? 
  •  When does the Christmas Club start and end? 
  •  Do I have to start saving on 1st November to be in the club? 
  •  Are there any limits to the amount I can save? 
  •  How do I get the free bonus points? 
  •  What happens to my savings on 31st October? 
  •  How can my savings be used? 
  •  What if I need to access my Christmas balance before 31st October? 
  •  If I withdraw my Christmas Club balance where will it go to? 
  •  Will I be able to re-join the Christmas Club? 
  •  What restrictions are there? 
  •  Can I lose my savings? 
  •  How can I be sure my savings are safe? 

Cash Alert

  •  What is the GetPaidTo Cash Alert? 
  •  How does it work? 
  •  Is it free to download? 
  •  Do I need to be signed into my account? 
  •  Which web browsers can I use the Cash Alert with? 



Daily Prize Draw

  •  What is the Daily Prize Draw? 
  •  How can I enter? 
  •  How many times can I enter? 
  •  How will I know if I’ve won? 
  •  How long will I have to claim my prize if I’m a winner? 
  •  How do I win the survey bonus? 
  •  How many times can I win? 

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GetPaidTo - How it all works

Cashback Boosts

Cashback Boosts are available when you Earn and Save at GetPaidTo. Use points earned against your purchases to get extra cashback. With up to 100% cashback on offer you can shop for free in 3 easy steps!

  Cashback boost - Step 1

1 Make an eligible cashback purchase. The piggy icon highlights that the offer is eligible for Cashback Boosts.

  Cashback boost - Step 2

2 Open the Booster Panel in your account. Complete your purchase on the retailer's site then return to the 'My Cashback' section in your GetPaidTo account. Select your purchase and click the 'Boost It Now' button.

  Cashback boost - Step 3

3 Set and Save the Cashback Boost. Allocate the number of points you wish to use and see your boosted cashback amount.

Exciting new site but no more cashback!

We're close to launching a completely new and improved version of GetPaidTo.com.
Here is some information you should know. There will be many more earning options from surveys to video to games plus an exiting new leaderboard feature for the Arkadium games.


Unfortunately we will be removing the cashback feature from GetPaidTo. Offering the cashback deals required a lot of maintenance and resources so we made the tough decision to remove it and instead focus on providing a much better earning experience.

2Cashout Options

We'll also be improving the cashout options to include Skrill, Crypto Currencies, Paypal Invoice (where you can invoice us via paypal and we pay it) and more options on the way.

3 Password Update

As part of the re-launch all users will be required to set their password at the first login. This will help to ensure your account continues to be as safe and secure as ever.

Daily draw