Recently one of my students was showing noticeable nonverbal signals of disinterest. Then during the middle of the class, he went on a tear and said “why are we reading this text? What are we doing this for? Why does the writer have to go on details?” I listened patiently until he was done. I might have begun with dismissing his compliant in a disrespectful way but instead, I leaned in on the positivity and said it is a great question! Does anybody want to answer? Hands went up across the class. Students launched into an exciting discussion into the importance of the author’s work. And after some time, the complaining one student has become one of that class most engaged members. Almost every teacher hears “why do we have to learn this” which shows a challenge to their authority or an attempt to call the value of the subject into question and sometimes what it is about. However, if a teacher doesn’t reinforce the value of course to the students asking why they are learning and what they are learning then they will have a risk in the classroom in which students fear to think about the importance of their learning. Moreover, those students may hire someone to write your paper may help you in your Write My Essay.