It’s never been so easy. Simply refer a friend by Email, Facebook or Twitter and once they have signed up you will begin earning the 15% commission on their points.

For example, your friend Chris earns 100 points; we will reward you with 15 points.

It continues...

The people you refer can also refer friends and family and you will be rewarded for this too with a 5% commission.

For example, Chris refers Max, and Max has 100 points, we will reward you with 5 points.

There is no stopping just yet...

If the person you referred refers a friend or family you will also be rewarded with a 2% commission.

For example, if Max refers Doreen, and Doreen also has 100 points, we will reward you with 2 points.

It’s so easy and each referral fee you earn is never taken from the earnings of the referrer or the referee.

The only hard part is where and how will you spend your points??