For me the discovery of cashback shopping was brilliant.

Not only do I prefer to shop online and get stuff delivered anyway (rather than drag my small children around the high street), but the news that I could actually make savings by doing so was beyond belief. But it happens, and I have got great deals - and continue to do so

So the benefits to me, in priority order, are:

1. The savings add up to a nice pot of money
2. I can choose to take a Cashback Boost at GetPaidTo giving me even greater cashback and savings
3. It's really easy to use the site and see what's on offer AND I can earn money here too!
4. It all gets delivered to my door without any fuss or bother
5. I can shop online in the normal way
6. And I can return goods in the usual way too

I really hope you all enjoy the benefits of shopping, earning and saving this way too.