Best Tech Tools For College Students

Sending your child off to college is tough for any parent. After 18 years of living under your roof, it is time to send them off to the real world! Ensuring you’ve prepared your child well enough for college is never something you’re completely sure of, but put those fears to rest and prepare your daughter or son with some of the best tech tools for college students! Or, maybe you are the soon to be college student looking for ways to spend some of the graduation money you just received. Whatever the case may be, these are the best tech tools for college students! Take a look below.

Dropbox Account

 Dropbox CashbackBest Tech Tools For College Students: Dropbox Account

Long gone are the days of carrying around floppy disks (if anybody even knows what those are anymore), and carrying around USB drives, no matter how small, even seems like a hassle nowadays. Cloud storage is the way of the world now, saving you time AND space, and Dropbox is one of the best companies in the field of cloud storage. Dropbox is at the top of their field and here is why:  Dropbox offers their free users 2GB of space on their cloud and if that is not enough, Dropbox also offers 1TB of space for only $9.99/month, or $15/month for as much storage as you need. Dropbox offers easy access to users on any platform and also provides an official app that allows you to access your items on the go! Get your Dropbox account today and also get $125 cashback with your Dropbox business purchase!

Wireless Speakers

 JBL Cashback Best Tech Tools For College Students: JBL Pulse

Whether you are moving into a dorm or an apartment, we understand that the amount of space you have will be limited. Don’t hassle yourself with anymore cords and cables than you need and get yourself a JBL Pulse wireless speaker from JBL! The JBL Pulse offers you a 10-hour battery, Bluetooth-compatibility, and a custom LED light show that is in-sync with your music. Take it with you anywhere, as it fits nicely in any size compartment in your bookbag, and never worry about taking a cable with you to connect as the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly stream music through any Bluetooth-enabled device! Buy your JBL Pulse from JBL today and get 6% cashback on all purchases!

Mophie Universal Juice Pack Powerstation

 A4C Cashback Best Tech Tools For College Students: Mophie Universal Juice Pack Powerstation

Picture this: You are in your first class of the day, bright and early, with three more to go before you are done for the day but you forgot to charge your phone after studying the night before as you watch your battery drain in lecture. Oh, and did we mention you were placed in charge of coordinating your group project today? With a Mophie Universal Juice Pack Powerstation, all you need is your USB or Micro-USB cord for your phone and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes! Compatible with dozens of phones, tablets, and gaming devices, Mophie Powerstations give you blazing fast charging in the size of a four inch battery pack that fits conveniently in your bookbag OR your pocket! Buy your Mophie Universal Juice Pack Powerstation from A4C and you can also get 6% cashback on all purchases!

Fitbit Flex Wristband

 Griffin Technology Cashback Best Tech Tools For College Students: Fitbit Flex Wristband

Managing your time in college is a task in itself. Between a full class schedule, a part-time job to help pay for your necessities, and studying, finding time for your fitness is almost a miracle. What if you had a way to track how much you’re on your feet in one day and try to find a way to get in shape while doing all of the previously mentioned? With the Fitbit Flex Wristband, you can! Monitor your activity each day with one of these and maybe even find a different route to walk or bike to each of your daily activities. Buy your Fitbit Flex Wristband from Griffin Technology and get 10% cashback on all purchases! Oh, you need a new phone case? Get another 15% cashback on that purchase, too!

Kindle Fire

 Overstock Cashback Best Tech Tools For College Students: Kindle Fire

Tablets have proven themselves to be quite handy over the years. Whether you are taking notes in class or just watching a movie in the hallway before, tablets of all sizes are great! How about getting yourself a Kindle Fire from Overstock and be able to enjoy all of the same great things your laptop offers you on the go? Coming in at seven inches in size, the Kindle Fire comes in black, white, yellow, or blue, and also providing 8GB of space. Watch millions of movies or TV shows from Amazon’s catalog, listen to all your music, read books, and even play games all on one device. Your Dropbox account also syncs to your Kindle Fire and you can access all your files on your cloud storage without having to bring your laptop with you everywhere! Buy yours today from Overstock and get yourself a nice 7% cashback on all purchases.

Wireless Headphones

 Skullcandy Cashback Best Tech Tools For College Students: Wireless Headphones

Whether you are riding your bike, catching the bus, or walking to class, cords provide nothing but a headache most of the time as they get caught on your coat zipper or bookbag straps. Watching your favorite movies or listen to your music comfortably without worrying about stretching your arms too wide and knocking off your headphones with the Hesh 2 Wireless headphones from Skullcandy! Available in black, grey, blue, and camo, the Hesh 2 Wireless headphones give you up to 15-hours of music when fully charged and supreme sound with endless comfort! Connect any of you Bluetooth-compatible devices to these great headphones and start jaming when you buy these from Skullcandy with 5% cashback!

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