Romantic Proposals On A Budget

Proposing to your soulmate should only happen once (hopefully), so if you’re thinking of popping the question but lacking inspiration, check out these romantic proposals on a budget. Remember, most women dream of this day for so long that you may be feeling the pressure to get it right. Ensure your proposal is memorable and special to you as a couple, choose the right moment and, whatever you do, don’t propose without the ring! Here are six budget ideas that are romantic and will earn you some cashback. Trust us, you will be grateful for that extra cash when it comes to planning the wedding!

1. Say It With Sand

Romantic Proposals On A Budget: Say It With Sand

Photo: Flickr/Evo Flash

Proposing at the beach is an effective way to keep costs down yet surprise her with a romantic gesture. Write your message in the sand for a simple proposal but if you want to put in a little more effort, build a sand castle together and then place the ring at the top of the tallest tower. This idea may be a memorable and thoughtful gesture if the beach is somewhere that holds particular significance to you as a couple. But if you are placing the ring on the sand castle, make sure you build it a good distance from the water to avoid it being swept away. Choosing the perfect ring is essential when popping the question, for a beautiful selection of both engagement and wedding rings, shop at World Jewels and you will also get up to 7% cashback!  World Jewels Cashback

2. Message In A Bottle

Romantic Proposals On A Budget: Message In A Bottle

Photo: Flickr / Susanne Nilsson

Another romantic idea for a beach proposal would be to send her a message in a bottle. For authenticity, write your proposal on a sheet of baking paper or tea stained paper and bury the bottle in the sand. Lead her near the bottle but make it feel as though she has discovered it. Whilst she reads the message, drop down to one knee and present the ring. For added romance, write a poem or love note in the bottle. While you’re by the sea, stay for a few nights and celebrate your engagement. Book a ticket and hotel accommodations with and you will also get a 5% cashback on completed car and hotel purchases and $8 cashback on completed airfare purchases! Cashback

3. Relive Your First Date

Romantic Proposals On A Budget: Relive Your First Date

Photo: Flickr / Samantha Ombregt

Keep it simple and take her to where you had your first date. Whether it’s to the movies, on a picnic, or simply out for dinner, relive those first moments as a couple and have your first date again. When you propose, make sure you pick the perfect moment and not to sound too cliché, add a few finishing touches such as champagne and flowers. She’s sure to appreciate the effort you gave to do so. Order flowers from Flower Delivery Express and you will also get 25% cashback!  Flower Delivery Express Cashback

4. Treasure Hunt

Romantic Proposals On A Budget: Treasure Hunt

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Take a tour of your favorite locations and attractions as a couple with a treasure hunt proposal. Start off with a clue that will take you to different places that you both love. At each location there can be another clue until you eventually reach your final destination. Once you reach the end of your hunt, this is the perfect time and place to propose. Make the last place special by inviting friends and family or even a live band. Make it personal to the both of you for a memorable proposal that you will both enjoy! For travel between the different locations within your treasure hunt, book a car with GroundLink and get 6% cashback on the rental! GroundLink Cashback

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Romantic Proposals On A Budget: Hot Air Balloon Ride Okay, so this proposal isn’t strictly a budget option but it definitely is romantic, unless she is scared of heights! That being said, who doesn’t want to be whisked away in a romantic hot air balloon ride for two complete with champagne and beautiful countryside views? Plan the rest of your life together as you see the beautiful sights of the world around you just before you pop the big question! Book a day on a hot air balloon with Cloud 9 Living starting at $205 and earn 2% cashback at the same time!  Cloud 9 Living Cashback
Providing she says yes, you will soon be thinking about planning your wedding. This is a costly event so find out how you can save money on your wedding without skimping on quality with our wedding money savings tips!

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