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Date Nights On A Budget

If you’re struggling to keep the romance alive in-between being a parent, running the house, and going to work, here are some romantic date night ideas that won’t blow your family budget! Whether you plan on staying in or going out, you can still spend some quality time together and enjoy the romance without spending too much and here’s how.

1. Game Night

Date Nights on a Budget: Game Night Embrace your inner geek with a night of retro board games. Once the kids are in bed, crack out your favorite old school games and have a battle of the board games! Make it interesting and add a forfeit for the loser. This date night will require zero effort to organize and you don’t even have to leave the house. You could even invite another couple over for a double date. Pick up a new board game or card game from Tmart.com today and earn 12% cashback at the same time! Tmart.com Cashback

2. Cook Together

 Date Nights on a Budget: Cook Together

Keep it simple and have a night in with your other half enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner. Cook a special home cooked meal or you could even cook together as part of your date. If you enjoy baking, spend your date in the kitchen making heart shaped sweet creations that you can enjoy later on in the evening. Plated is the perfect place for you to start! Order all the ingredients you need for any home recipe you can think of and have it shipped to your door in the correct measurements and preparations.  Plated Cashback

3. Coffee Date

Date Nights on a Budget: Coffee Date Sometimes you don’t have to make a date all that extravagant. A simple coffee date, for example, is a perfect way for the two of you to just enjoy each other’s company. Have some good conversation or maybe just decide what to do next, you can’t go wrong with a good coffee (or tea) so why not stop by Starbucks with their great cashback offers?!  Starbucks Cashback

4. Bed and Breakfast

Date Nights on a Budget: Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast’s are quite underrated for those of you looking to get out of town with your significant other, but maybe in a slightly different way than your typical hotel or resort route. BedAndBreakfast.com is a highly recommended by publications all around the world for finding over 14,000 bed and breakfast locations worldwide! With 3% cashback on all completed stays, make your date night an overnight and skip town for the evening.
 BedAndBreakfast.com Cashback

5. Spa Day

Date Nights on a Budget: Spa Day The couple that spas together, stays together… That’s how it goes, right? Well, even if it’s not it sure sounds like that’s how it’s supposed to go. So, why not make it that way? Take a break from the everyday life whether it be the city or the suburbs, get away from it all and enjoy being treated like royalty at a spa of your choosing thanks to WaySpa while also earning 10% cashback! WaySpa Cashback

6. Dance Class

Date Nights on a Budget: Dance Class If you’ve been wanting to try a new dance class, why not drag your partner along and learn together. It’s the perfect way to get intimate and spend some time together and it will only take an hour or so out of your week so you’re sure to be able to fit it into your busy schedule. Whether you fancy salsa, samba, or learning how to waltz, find a local class and move to the rhythm! Book four ballroom dancing lessons for just $19 in downtown Detroit with Groupon and you will also get up to 12% cashback! Groupon Cashback

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