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10 Awesome Office Must-Haves

Starting a new office? Building a home office? We have compiled a list of 10 AWESOME office must-haves that everybody needs to have. From desks, to surge protectors, to everything else far and in between, we’ve got it ALL. Check out our office must-haves below!


Sauder – Select Collection Computer Desk

Sauder - Select Collection Computer Desk - Jamocha

As with any new office, your workspace will almost always determine how productive you are. Why not get an automatic boost in that area with a new desk. The desk may look like not enough space but that is a good thing. Too large of a desk and you may find yourself filling up its space with non-essentials that just take up space and serve no true purpose. Use every inch of space on this desk and with convenient storage on the side, everything you need is within arm’s reach! You can get this clean and sturdy desk from Best Buy while earning 1% cashback!


Essentials Mesh Back Task Chair

Essentials Mesh Back Tastk Chair From OfficeFurniture.com

Finding the right chair for your office is where things can get a bit tricky. Even for the savviest of shopper, finding a chair that you are comfortable spending hours on end sitting in can be quite the task. You want to find something relatively cheap but also something that promotes good posture and won’t cause you back pain throughout the day. THAT is where things can get pricey. However, we found a perfect chair that does all the above. The Boss Mesh Task Chair from Officefurniture.com is available for under $110 with up to 7% cashback!

Wireless Desktop 2000

Wireless Desktop 2000 from Microsoft Store

If you are using a personal laptop, using the stock keyboard and trackpad that comes with it can feel a bit small and crowded over time. Why not have an external keyboard and mouse to use when you have the space and convenience of your own desk? No wires and battery life of well over any lengthy amount of time spent at the desk, this Wireless Desktop from the Microsoft Store is perfect for just that at a more than reasonable price. While Microsoft Store is only offer 2% cashback on all sales, they are offering 12% cashback on backup applications, office programs, and Windows operating systems, and well as 5% cashback on Xbox and Xbox One gaming devices. Take advantage of any, or all, of these offers while they last!


Jawbone JAMBOX

Jawbone JAMBOX Red from Microsoft Store

What kind of day would you have without music? Now think what kind of day you would have WITH music… Hear the difference? That’s exactly why this Jawbone JAMBOX is the perfect portable speaker for you. Weighing in at a whopping nine ounces and taking up a whole six inches in width (two inches in height) on your desk, the JAMBOX from Jawbone is capable of 10 hours of continuous playback with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Bluetooth compatible while also having a 3.5mm stereo input, the JAMBOX can connect two devices at the same time, so if you and a coworker want to share “DJ duty”, you can! Check out the Jawbone JAMBOX in the Microsoft Store.


NYSSA Table Lamp

NYSSA Table Lamp

Many of us work long hours, and for some us most of those hours are after 5 o’clock. After a long day in the office with light provided by the beautiful day outdoors, going back to the typical overhead office light can sometimes dull our productivity. Why not have a desk lamp that can travel with you virtually anywhere? That is exactly what this NYSSA Table Lamp can do. This desk lamp can be found at Ashley Furniture in both Hot Pink/Silver and Teal/Silver, perfect for any room. Take advantage of this offer today and earn 7% cashback at the same time!


Hi-Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub

Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub

Most laptops only come with two USB slots and for the people who work with multiple USB-powered products, those slots disappear rather quickly. Luckily, companies have developed USB hubs that add a few extra slots. Belkin has been at the top of this field for quite some time and offer many options for this type of product. We selected this Hi-Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub because not only is it very affordable, but there is also no lack in transfer speeds that can be found in many other USB hubs. Belkin offers 4% cashback and is also the home of a plethora of any other tech needs of yours. Get yours today while they offer a cashback boost!


Chalk It Up Desk Pad

Chalk It Up Desk Pad

While calendars on our smartphones have made forgetting meetings nearly impossible. However, for the visual learners, a big “in your face” calendar can serve just as purposeful. Studies have shown that keeping things such as a big calendar by your bed, or anything else in your household that gets the most traffic from it’s tenants, can boost productivity. This Chalk It Up Desk Pad available at Calendars.com is as perfect as they come. Coming in at 22in. x 17in. in size, it will be hard to miss this no matter where you put it. Pick up this great Easy To Read calendar from Calendars.com today with 10% cashback that also makes you eligible for a cashback boost!


Yoke Cord Organizers (set of 4)

Yoke Cord Organizers (set of 4)

Even the most organized type of person can look like the complete opposite because of cords. Laptop charger, phone charger, speaker cords, and a few others we probably missed and all of a sudden your desk can look like a jungle to sift through. Thanks to these Yoke Cord Organizers, you can easily organize that mess while even color coding them as well! Coming in a pack of six for only $4.97, these are about as consumer friendly as they come. Thanks to Solutions, you can even earn 2% cashback at the same time!


Avanti Superconductor Refrigerator

Avanti Superconductor Refrigerator

Who has never wanted a mini fridge? Growing up we all wanted one to hide away all our favorite junk foods as a kid or keep a couple extra sodas in the fridge to keep from waking up our parents. Who’s to say now that we’re in the corporate world we can’t still have one?! In all seriousness, we all know the hassle of leaving work to find a mid-day snack, why not keep a mini-fridge in the office? Especially one from Compact Appliance that also earns you 5% cashback?!


6-Outlet Surge Protector with 2.5-Foot Power Cord

Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector with 3-Foot Power Cord

Now that we gave you all of these great suggestions, where on Earth are you going to plug them all in at?! Don’t worry, this 6-Outlet Surge Protector from Belkin has you covered. With a 555 Joule energy rating, this surge protector provides maximum protection of all your electronic devices and a lifetime product warranty lets you sleep easy at night.

Find these merchants and more over at GetPaidTo’s Cashback Shopping section! Have your own office and have some suggestions of your own you’d like to make? Let us know in the comments section! We always want to hear from you.

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