Five 90's Fashion Trends We’re Glad Made A Comeback


Five 90’s Fashion Trends We’re Glad Made A Comeback

When we think of the 90’s fashion trends that were popular, many of us would rather forget the hideous outfits we were strutting around in thinking we were the bee’s knees! From shell suits and spandex to scrunchies and butterfly clips, we look back in horror at our horrendous fashion choices. But there are some 90’s trends we’re glad made a comeback and here they are!

1. Flannel Shirts

Bloomingdale's CashbackFlannel Shirt from Bloomingdale's

Popular with the grunge, punk and mod culture of the nineties, flannel shirts have never really gone out of fashion, they just took a step back to allow people time to miss them. Flannel shirts are amazing in the fact that they can go with pretty much anything you wear. Khakis, shorts, sweatpants; flannel shirts go with just about anything and everything. You can choose from a wide variety of flannel shirts, with many different colors and patterns, from Bloomingdale’s while also earning 6% cashback with GetPaidTo.

2. Double Denim

Banana Republic CashbackModel wearing a denim shirt and jeans

Hold the presses! Double denim, which was once considered an absolute fashion “no no”, is now something that has widely become socially acceptable. Not only double denim, but even triple denim and more. Jeans are the classic wardrobe staple, but to pull off this look think dresses, skirts, jackets, shorts, jumpsuits, and even t-shirts. This look is popular on both men and women this season so mix and match with different styles and shades for an edgy thrown together casual style. This blue denim shirt from new look is just $24.99 and looks great worn with a darker pair of jeans as shown in the picture. You could also try teaming it with denim shorts or a skirt. Buy from Banana Republic and you will also get up to 10% cashback!

3. Ripped Jeans

Forever 21 Cashbackmodel wearing ripped jeans and white trainers

Keeping with the trend of denim, ripped jeans are another iconic style of the nineties that are back in fashion. Pair them with a cool t-shirt for the ultimate casual look or wear with a crop top, another comeback trend of the nineties that is mentioned a little later in this post. These distressed skinny jeans from Forever 21 are just $25 and you will also get 5% cashback when you shop with GetPaidTo!

4. Converse All Stars (Chuck Taylor’s)

Macy's CashbackConverse All Star Shoes from Macy's

Chuck Taylor’s have contributed much to the style world while they also revolutionized the game of basketball. After being woven into the fabric of American culture, these shoes have become a true icon in the industry. While these shoes have not gone anywhere and have in fact remained a style must since the early 90’s, Chuck Taylor’s made it on this list simply because of their strength of not going anywhere in fashion. You can pick them up at Macy’s for $49, while also learning 6% cashback at the same time.

5. Crop Tops

Gap CashbackCrop Top from Gap

This 90’s inspired trend is back with a bang this summer so get your summer body at the ready and bare that midriff in style. The crop top comes in a range of styles and cuts with bralets, bandeaus, halterneck, reverse triangle and even as part of a cute two piece, what you buy will depends on your shape but there is a crop top for everyone. They look super stylish with high waisted jeans or a high wasted pencil skirt. This GapFit Breathe crop tip from Gap is lightweight and ideal for the warmer seasons. Buy one for only $24.95 and you will also get 7% cashback.

Have a few fashion trends from the 90’s YOU want to bring back? Let us know in the comments! We’re always open to a flash from the past.

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