The Perfect Easter Gifts for Family and Friends


Perfect Easter Gifts for Family and Friends

Easter is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to find Easter gifts for yet another holiday Sunday with a house filled of family, in-laws, and close friends! Sure, for some that may sound terrifying, but if you get everyone the right gift you might buy yourself just enough time to sneak away and catch the final seconds of your favorite game or movie! Wishful thinking maybe, but here at GetPaidTo we want to make sure you find the perfect Easter gifts for everyone with as little to no stress as possible. Take a look and earn some cashback from a few of these stores at the same time!


Easter Basket with Easter Candy and Toys

Old Time Candy, 5% cashback

Easter Basket with Easter Candy and Toys from Old Time Candy

What’s Easter time without an Easter basket?! Old Time Candy offers a wide variety of Easter baskets, jelly beans, and plenty of other types of chocolates, just in time for the holiday celebration. For $24.99 you can not only pick up this wonderful Easter basket, but with 5% cashback on all purchases through Old Time Candy, that leaves a bit more room in your budget to pick up a few other surprises to add to the basket!


Blossom Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug, 10% cashback

Blossom Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal from Melissa and Doug

Easter and bunnies are pretty synonymous with each other this time of year, which is why we thought this stuffed animal from Melissa & Doug would be perfect to add to your family’s collection. Whether for your toddler to play with, or even just for your dog to spend some quality chew time with, and did we mention you can customize it for only $1.99?! This stuffed rabbit for $14.99 seems like a no-brainer when picking up this year’s Easter supplies!


Blue Iris Flower Bouquet

Organic Bouquet, 12% cashback

Blue Iris Flowers from Organic Bouquet

As we’ve mentioned before, nobody can go wrong with flowers. Organic Bouquet, however, has a rather different business model as they not only offer flowers, but eco-friendly and organic flowers. What does that mean? Well, Organic Bouquet grows all of their flowers in a manner that is not only environmentally friendly, but also provides outstanding resources for farm workers and artisans, that also follows stringent growing practices which are monitored by certification agencies and associations. These are great flowers for your home AND for the environment!


Yogurt Dipped Pretzels in Sunset Garden Tin

Brookstone, 8% cashback

Yogurt Dipped Pretzels in Sunset Garden Tin from Brookstone

We’re sure the name of this product is enough to sell you itself but, if it is not, how does 8% cashback sound? You might also be surprised to find out they’re also gluten-free! Well, try to contain your excitement enough to make your way over to Brookstone for these yogurt dipped and drizzled spring pretzels, a perfect gift for a special someone during Easter. For only $24.99 and 8% cashback, along with Brookstone’s guaranteed style, freshness, and a unique presentation, this gift will surely make someone’s heart AND stomach happy during Easter!


Easter Patchwork Bunny Cookies Basket

Cookies By Design, 10% cashback

Easter Patchwork Bunnies Cookie Basket from Cookies By Design

How about we combine a few of the selections up top for our final idea, no? Cookies By Design offers a great basket of Easter Patchwork Bunny Cookies, a cute and cuddly cookie bouquet starting at three cookies for $32.99! White bunny cookies, hand-decorated with colorful patchwork ears, baked fresh at each location, and made with sugar & cinnamon brown sugar cookie dough, are a fun way to send Happy Easter wishes to whomever! With 10% cashback, how can you possibly say no?


As always, happy shopping and have a safe and wonderful Easter Sunday with your family!


Did any of these suggestions help? Did you find something you think members might like more? Let us know! Leave a comment below or tweet us your suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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