How to save money on your supermarket shop

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations now just a distant memory, you’ve probably been wondering how you can make 2018 the year to save a bit of cash. Or maybe you’ve been looking at side hustles and different ways to earn money online. With GetPaidTo, you can do both! Each week I will highlight one of my favourite offers, whether that be cashback, vouchers or points earning, one thing’s for sure, it will help you to earn or save money!

Iceland Cashback

Brand new to GetPaidTo, you can now earn cashback on your grocery shop at Iceland. With household bills creeping up, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to save money at the supermarket? Not just home of the frozen food shop, you can also shop at Iceland for fresh fruit and veg, meat, and those household staples. With an amazing range of frozen food including meat and poultry, bakery, desserts, seafood, ready meals and party food, and popular ranges such as Slimming World, Pizza Express, Weight Watchers, Millie’s and Greggs, shop at Iceland today and you’ll get up to 3% cashback! An award winning online food store, don’t miss your chance to shop for quality fresh and frozen ingredients and get some cashback!

New Customers – 3% cashback

Existing Customers – 1% cashback

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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