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Make money from home with paid online surveys!

Posted in GetPaidTo News UK | September 08, 2017 by GetPaidTo

Make money online with paid surveys, it’s so easy to start raking in the cash that you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

Every week I let you know about one of my top earning and money saving offers. Sometimes the best cashback deals or voucher codes and other times one of our many ways to earn points. This week I wanted to let you know about Your Surveys.


If you’re new to making money online, a good place to start is online surveys. Get paid to give your opinion on anything from your shopping habits and travel to finance and household bills. These surveys help retailers to shape future products based on research from their customers. Surveys can take between 5 and 30 minutes or above but what I particularly like about Your Surveys is there are often some shorter ones available. Your Surveys pay 219.38 GPT points and are a daily survey provider meaning they get updated regularly throughout the day and you can continuously take surveys until there are none available.

Tip to remember

You’ll get asked pre-qualifying questions to make sure you are suitable before the survey starts, you won’t get accepted for them all but simply move on and try another one. 500 GPT points are equal to £1/$1 so with just one survey completed you would nearly have made 50p.

For higher paying surveys, we recommend filling out your survey profile which can be found in your account settings. This will help us to match you to relevantly targeted surveys which will vary in how much you earn but there often surveys paying a fair bit more than the daily surveys.

Start Earning!

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