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Earn cashback on delicious pizza at Dominos!

Posted in Food | August 28, 2017 by GetPaidTo

It’s the last day of the bank holiday weekend and if you don’t feel like cooking before you go back to work tomorrow, you will love this week’s top pick, Domino’s Pizza! Feed the whole family and earn yourself a few pennies too!
Domino's Pizza Cashback

Whether you’re a fan of all the meats or a simple ham and pineapple, you can earn cashback on your purchase when you shop via GetPaidTo! Enjoy the great taste with less guilt knowing you’ll be earning money! Whether you’ve had a busy weekend or have simply been relaxing, leave the washing up to someone else and get your dinner delivered tonight. With a delicious range of pizzas, garlic bread, chicken, dips and even dessert, the hard part will be deciding what to have. Domino’s offer great value for money and always have a selection of deals available so make sure you check those out before ordering.

If you’re new to Domino’s, take advantage of our cashback offer to get 3% cashback on your purchase and if you’re an existing customer, you won’t miss out, you can also get 1%!

The good news is, this offer is here to stay to remember to earn cashback every time you order!


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