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20% bonus on surveys *Limited Time Only*

We now have a brand-new survey provider, Samplicious, live on GetPaidTo so to celebrate its launch, you can give your earnings a boost with a 20% bonus on surveys. Hurry, this is a limited offer for this week only!

Getting paid for your opinion by completing surveys and earning points couldn’t be easier! We now have three survey providers live on our site as well as many offer walls all offering you an easy way to earn for simply giving your opinion.


Samplicious is our new targeted survey provider. Often paying out higher than our daily surveys, remember to fill in your survey profile to start receiving targeted invites. The amount of points you can earn varies and what is great about these surveys is they tell you how long each one will be before you click through. That’s great if you only have a little time to spare as you can choose the shorter surveys.

This promotion is now live and will run until 11.59pm BST on Friday 14th April. Take advantage of this fab offer now and give your earnings a real boost. There’s lots of points to be earned, especially if you’re completing the higher paying surveys!

Start Earning!

Survey bonus will only be paid on surveys completed by Cint, Samplicious and Your Surveys. Offer walls are not included in this promotion.

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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