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Pancake Day: 5 Tasty Toppings and Fillings!

Posted in Food | February 22, 2017 by GetPaidTo

It’s nearly that time of the year where we try out our not so good flipping skills and end up with a holey mess barely resembling much of a pancake! (Just me?) Of course, next week is Shrove Tuesday, better known as Pancake Day, the one day of the year that we make pancakes and top them with lots of sweet and sticky deliciousness! Does anyone else realise how tasty they are and wonder why we only make them once a year?

If you’re looking for some pancake inspiration, check out these five scrumptious topping ideas! Why not give them a try and send us some pictures of your delicious creations!

1. Chocolate orange


If you love this classic flavour combination, why not try it out on your pancakes too! Melt some orange flavoured chocolate or add some orange flavouring to melted milk or dark chocolate and then spoon the mixture into disk shapes and leave to set in the fridge. Spoon your pancake mixture into your pan, place one of your set disks on top and then layer with more pancake mix. Then you’ll have melt in the middle chocolate orange pancakes. Mmmmmm!

2. Banana and Nutella

pancakes with chocolate sauce and sliced bananas

If you haven’t tried melted Nutella on your pancakes, you’re missing out! This has got to be one of my favourite flavours, and maybe a few scoops of vanilla ice cream. It’s like a banana split! Just melt your Nutella in the microwave for about 20 seconds and it’s ready to pour!

3. Ham, cheese and pineapple

layered ham, cheese and pineapple

Who said crepes had to be sweet? If you don’t have a sweet tooth, try out some savoury fillings and toppings. This is one of my favourite savoury fillings. If you place the toppings over the pancake whilst it’s cooking, the cheese will melt and it’s delicious. Like a ham and pineapple pizza but better!

4. Chocolate, peanut butter and banana

chocolate and peanut butter crepes

For those that love peanut butter, this filling is a must! Add some sugar or sweetener to your peanut butter and mix with chocolate chips. You can add this to your pancakes as it is but I prefer my chocolate melted so I’d melt the chocolate chips first and then mix with the peanut butter. Fill your pancake with this, add some sliced bananas and voila!

5. Turkey, brie and cranberry


This is a winning combination whether it’s in a sandwich, a panini or in a nice warm crepe. Mozzarella tastes just as good, it all depends on your preference!

There’s a few ideas for Pancake Day, what’s your favourite filling?

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