How to earn money online with Adscend Media!

Posted in Money Saving | January 30, 2017 by GetPaidTo

This week’s top point’s earning offer of the week is one of our new offer walls. We’ve recently added more ways for you to earn onto the site and this is just one of them. If you’re new to offer walls, they all have a great selection of tasks for you to complete including answering surveys, watching videos, downloading apps and more. Get paid for your time spent online with Adscend Media as well as our many other offer walls.

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Adscend Media is a great way to earn for those that enjoy taking the time to fill in surveys, especially as they tend to pay out considerably more than other tasks. When you first access Adscend Media, they will ask you to fill out a survey profile so that you can be matched to targeted surveys, that way you’re less likely to be screened out plus, they’ll even reward you for filling it out. Once the surveys start coming in, you’re all set to start earning. If you fancy something a little less time consuming, they also have a variety of tasks you can complete such as watching videos and entering competitions.

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