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Posted in GetPaidTo News UK | January 23, 2017 by GetPaidTo

If you hadn’t already noticed, we’ve added more great ways for you to earn on to the site. That’s right, we’ve added some new offer walls giving you more opportunities to earn. They all offer something different including videos, tasks, surveys, click offers and more and this week I want to tell you about TAP Research!


What I love about TAP Research is not only does it offer you a whole host of surveys to answer but it also tells you how long each one will take to complete. This is perfect if you only have a little time to spare or maybe you have longer and you want to know the best way to earn the most points in that time. They are all listed with a time, point’s value and also give you a star rating from previous respondents. And if there’s a new survey available, these will be highlighted in blue.

Survey layout

Surveys are a great way to earn points on our site and as well as the surveys you will find on our offer walls, we also have our daily survey routers and targeted surveys once you will out your survey profile.

Complete a survey

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