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Tasty Halloween Recipes for Kids

Posted in Food | October 28, 2016 by GetPaidTo

It’s Halloween in a few days and also the last few days of the half term so why not creative in the kitchen with recipes that little hands can help with. These simple yet tasty treats are perfect for a spooky Halloween gathering!

1. Slime Bug Cups


These slime bug cups are scarily easy to make, all you need is some green coloured jelly, Oreo biscuits and some slimy snakes and bug sweets. Simply make the jelly following the instructions on the packet, throw in some sweets and top with crushed biscuits to make the soil.

2. Edible Worms


Keeping with the slime theme, these edible worms are another great Halloween recipe to try. Sure to gross you out, serve over crushed biscuits for the illusion of soil. It’s another recipe made from jelly except with this you also add gelatine, whipped cream and some food colouring. Pour your mixture into straws in a tall glass and put in the fridge to set. Once set, rinse each straw under warm water and pinch the end to squeeze out your worms.

3. Marshmallow Pops


These marshmallow bats look so cool and are perfect for a Halloween party or even to give out to your trick or treaters. You’ll need lollypop sticks, chocolate or candy melts, Oreo cookies, black gel icing and of course some marshmallows. Insert your lollypop stick into the marshmallow and dip into melted chocolate. Cut your wings into shape and then add the wings and the eyes. Once set, using the icing to draw on the mouth. There are so many different pops you can make like this such as pumpkins, witches, ghosts and even Frankenstein.

4. Chocolate Apple


It wouldn’t be Halloween without a candy apple or two! A Twist on the classic toffee, make some chocolate apples this Halloween and let the kids decorate their own. Plus, it’s a great way to get them eating some fruit rather than over loading on sweets. For Halloween, use some melted white chocolate and drizzle to give the effect of a spider’s web.

There are my four favourite Halloween recipes that will also make fab family activities. Shop for ingredients with GetPaidTo and you can also earn some cashback this Halloween. Morrisons have some fantastic offers this Halloween and you’ll also receive up to £6 cashback! If you have a real sweet tooth, shop at Cadbury Gifts Direct and get 7% cashback!

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