Student Home Essentials!

We’re in the business of helping you earn and save money and for students that is vital! Check out these five student home essentials, complete with discounts and cashback to help you grab a few bargains before you start university!

And if you’re currently bundling all of your belongings together in a frenzied panic, here is a helpful guide of what you might need to pack!

1. Printer


Although not necessary, the one piece of tech I’d advise you to get is a printer. Of course, you can save money and use the library and uni printers but when it comes to deadline day and there’s a queue for the printer and then the ink runs out, you’ll be glad you did. Prevent that headache and buy your own. You could always split the cost with your roommates! Staples have printers for as little as only £29.99 plus you’ll also receive 6% cashback on all sales!

Staples Cashback

2. Bedding


It might be boring and not what you want to spend your student loan on but you are going to need bedding. Lots of shops do a handy student pack, offering you a bedding bundle at a discounted price. To save money, you could always bring some from home but if not, here is a great deal for you. At Studio, you can buy a duvet, pillow and mattress protector all from as little as £9.99 plus they have a range of bed in a bag duvet sets from just £9.99. You will also receive up to 7% cashback!

Studio Cashback

3. Toaster


How are you going to make beans on toast without a toaster? The good news is you can pick one up pretty cheap. At Argos, you can get a toaster from as little as just £4.99! What are you waiting for? Shop now and you’ll also receive 2% cashback! Argos also have some great deals and voucher codes for other home essentials including bathroom accessories and indoor furniture.

Argos Cashback

4. Clothes Horse


Don’t pay to dry your clothes, it can be an expensive luxury. Instead, buy one of these clothes horses for your room. Just remember to keep your door open to let some air into the room. The money you save on laundry, you can spend on more beer or pizza! Shop at with prices starting at just £2 for the smaller airers and £8 for a larger one plus you’ll get 4% cashback! Cashback

5. Cookware


Of course you are going to need pots and pans, mugs, plates and cutlery but it might be best to wait until you arrive at uni before you buy and see what your roommates have brought. That way you can all pitch in and buy communal kitchen essentials together. When it is time to buy, The Range have got you covered with great selection of back to school essentials including saucepan sets, dinner sets, cutlery and bedding. Shop with The Range to get 5% cashback on all sales!

The Range Cashback

6. Bluetooth/iPod Speakers


Bring the music with you with a portable speaker, whether you’re in your own place or at a friend’s, they’re perfect for a party and they’re not that expensive either! At Ace you buy a portable speaker for as little as just £4.99 but if you want to use it for parties, I’d recommend buying a bigger speaker all of which are reasonably priced plus we’ll also throw in up to 7% cashback!

Ace Cashback

For more student money saving tips and advice including food shopping on a budget and student discounts, check out our university money saving hub!

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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