Students – Save up to 8% at CartridgeMonkey!

This week’s top offer is perfect for students starting university this Autumn! Whether you’re a new or current student, feast your eyes on this week’s top pick and take advantage of our price busting offers! This voucher isn’t just for students, so everyone can save money at CartridgeMonkey!

CartridgeMonkey Cashback

There’s nothing worse than waiting for the printer just a few hours to deadline only for it to run out of ink, paper or toner. With a room full of nail biting students all wanting to print, save yourself the stress and buy your own printer or maybe even a communal one for your student house. You will be glad you did! At CartridgeMonkey, they have three brilliant voucher codes to save you money on ink, and if you are a student, you’ll need to nab a discount when and wherever you can. Save 3% on OEM ink and toner cartridges, 8% on own brand compatible toner cartridges and 4% on own brand compatible ink cartridges, all while receiving up to 20% cashback! Shop now for these fab discounts, you have until the end of November so stock up on supplies while they’re cheaper.

Get 3% off OEM ink and toner cartridges + up to 20% cashback!

Get 8% off own brand compatible toner cartridges + up to 20% cashback!

Get 4% off all own brand compatible ink cartridges + up to 20% cashback!

Don’t forget, you still have one last chance to enter our back to school competition. Simply complete one of our surveys by the end of this week and you will automatically get entered into a prize draw to win. Find out more here!

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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