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Posted in GetPaidTo News UK | August 29, 2016 by GetPaidTo

It’s nearing the end of the school holidays and if your little angels have left you feeling the pinch, get online and start earning some extra cash! With high paying surveys as well as videos, tasks and offer walls, we have plenty of ways for you to earn online and turn your down time into pound signs! If you’ve not yet used any of our offer walls to earn, check out our top pick!

TokenAds Points

TokenAds is one of our many offer walls here on GetPaidTo and offers you plenty of ways to earn. There are a variety of tasks to complete such as surveys, prize draws, game downloads and app purchases and downloads. They all pay varying amounts so simply pick what tasks you’d like to complete and follow them through to be awarded. Make sure to check each individual task and its full requirements to ensure you are paid out!


Not only can you earn and save money on GetPaidTo, you can also win it! We are giving away GPT points in our Daily Prize Draw which is stacking up quite high already. Simply check back every day to see if you’re username has been picked as the winner. Each day the prize goes unclaimed, it will increase. Find out if you are today’s winner!

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