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Offer Walls: Start earning money online!

Start earning money online with this week’s top pick of the week! Whether you prefer surveys, videos or tasks, we have a brilliant selection of offer walls which allow you to do it all! If you’re new to offer walls, they have a variety of tasks, making earning money online easy and fun yet still rewarding!

Super rewards Points

This week’s top pick does to Super Rewards, just one of our many offer walls. What I like about this one is there are plenty of free tasks that can be easily completed without the need to make a purchase. With tasks including free game downloads, competitions, free trials, surveys, videos and more! And for the higher paying tasks, there are those that require a purchase but with so many free tasks, these aren’t necessary. When you earn money with us, we pay you in points which can easily be cashed out to your bank or PayPal account or exchanged for a gift card with the minimum of 500 points which is equal to £1/$1. Start earning now!




Another brilliant promotion we have for you is our Daily Prize Draw! It’s free to join and you will be automatically entered when you sign up for GetPaidTo. Every day we will pick a winner to win our points jackpot and everyday it goes unclaimed, the prize pot will increase. Find out if you’re today’s winner!

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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