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Summer BBQ Bargains!

Posted in Food | June 17, 2016 by GetPaidTo

This week we have some brilliant barbecue bargains to tell you about so that you can have a barbie on a budget! And if the weather’s nice this weekend, why not throw a barbecue for Father’s Day! From delicious meat to refreshing summer drinks and some funky garden furniture, shop these fabulous offers and enjoy a tasty gathering in the sun!

Summer BBQ Selection

a burger in a bun

If you’re entertaining and have a small group of people to cook for, why not buy in bulk to save money. I love the sound of this BBQ selection from Donald Russell as you get a bit of everything with sausages, beef burgers, steaks, ribs, lamb burgers and more. At the moment it’s reduced down to only £39 which is a bargain for so much meat! You’ll also get up to 10% cashback when you shop at Donald Russell plus we’re giving new customers 10% off with our voucher code!

Pimm’s O’clock

glass of Pimm's

Photo: Flickr / Betsy Weber


What barbecue would be complete without a jug of Pimms full of fresh fruit and chopped mint? That’s my barbecue staple, especially the strawberry flavour! You can get a 1L bottle from Morrisons for just £12 reduced down from £20. That’s too cheap not to buy! Don’t forget to stock up on your strawberries, cucumber and lemonade and if you’re a new customer ordering at Morrisons, we’ll give you up to £6 cashback!

Get the beers in!

two people clinking beers in front of a sunset

If Pimm’s is not your drink of choice, get the beers in! You can’t have a barbie without beer! Tesco have some great deals on at the moment including £11 for 20 cans of Fosters or just £10 for 20 cans of Strongbow! That’s great value for money at just 50p a can of Strongbow. And if you’re ordering on Tesco, you might as well add your other barbecue essentials to your basket like rolls and salad plus we’ll give you up to £5 cashback!

Take a seat!

garden umbrella for table and chair set

You better make sure you have somewhere for your friends to sit if they are coming over for some AL fresco dining! Of course a picnic blanket will do the job but for comfortable outdoor dining, take advantage of Marks and Spencer’s 20% off garden furniture sale. They have some lovely items including tables an chair sets and I particularly love this funky looking parasol! With over £25 off, add some colour to your garden for £103.20 plus you’ll also get up to 3% cashback!

BBQ Bangers!

sausages and onions in a roll

What’s a barbecue without a sausage sizzling away in the flames? If your barbecue isn’t complete without a sausage, you will love this selection pack and with such a variety of flavours, these are sausages you won’t want to burn! With tomato and beef, pork and leek, pork and herb and other tasty flavours, get 84 sausages for just £16 at Campbells Meat with the fresh Euro 2016 sausage pack, perfect if you’re watching the games with friends. Shop now and get up to 12.5% cashback!

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