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Complete guide to coupons and discount codes!

Coupons are big business at the moment and if you’ve read the stories about shoppers using coupons and vouchers to get a free shop, you’re probably wondering how it can be done. This is known as extreme couponing and although it’s doable, it can take months of hard work, if not longer! That’s why we have a few handy tips on how you can save money on your shopping without having to put in too much time and effort!

There are lots of different tactics you can use to get brilliant price slashing discounts on your shopping and here’s how!

Price Compare


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Whether it’s a bit ticket electrical item or your next holiday, shop around for the best price and make the most of seasonal sales. Even if you’re looking to buy lower cost items, it’s still a good idea to check the price at various retailers to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Voucher Codes

If you do the majority of your shopping online, never pay full price before first searching for a voucher code or special offer. With thousands of popular retailers listed on our site, we are constantly adding new discount codes and offers to help you save as much money as possible whether that’s on travel, insurance, groceries or electricals, search for the latest voucher codes here!

Contact Manufacturers

Write thanks you letters and email to your favourite retailers. They often give out money off vouchers to people that write to them and say thank you. Get creative and write them a poem, a love letter or maybe get your child to draw them a picture. Things like this are really appreciated and if you are lucky, you will get something back for your effort. Of course, receiving a voucher isn’t guaranteed but it does happen. Use these vouchers for money off your favourite products.

Get Cashback


All of our merchants offer you cashback on your purchases. With rates ranging from 2% to higher amounts such as 40% and you can even earn cashback on searches for quotes using comparison websites for insurance and travel such as and If there is a voucher code listed on our site, use it against a cashback purchase to increase your discount.


Please Note – Members should only use voucher codes listed on GetPaidTo. If you use voucher codes or gift vouchers that are not listed on GetPaidTo your cashback may not track or be declined.

Shop for free

Use a cashback boost to shop for free! By completing paid tasks on our site such as surveys, watching videos and listening to the radio, we will pay you £1 for every 500 points you earn. These can be cashed out directly to your bank or PayPal account or exchanged for a gift card but if you save these and use them to boost your cashback, 500 points will be worth £1.50 giving you an extra 50%. If you have earned enough points, you could boost your cashback up to 100% of the purchases price meaning you get your money back and have therefore shopped for free!

For more money saving advice on everything from travel to and clothing to motoring and Christmas, check out our helpful money saving guides!

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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