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Get paid to refer friends!

If you love earning and saving money (who doesn’t?), why not tell your friends about GetPaidTo and get paid for spreading the word! With so many paid tasks to complete including surveys, videos, radio and more, let your friends in on this great way to earn money from home.

And the great news is that once your friend earns just £10 in confirmed cashback, we will reward you both with a £5 cash bonus each. It’s win win, they save money on their shopping and you both earn a cash reward!


Even more reasons to refer

Earn even more money with us when your friends start earning. You will even earn on the points made by those they go on to refer. We will give you 15% commission on any GPT points your friends earn. So once they’ve signed up using your referral link, you won’t even have to do any of the work to earn points. But to give those earning a boost, we recommend you continue to complete paid tasks as well as the referral earnings, imagine how much cash you could make!


It couldn’t be easier to make money online with GetPaidTo, simply tell your friends by sending them your referral link or posting it on social media, they sign up and then you both earn. The more friends you sign up, the more you could earn!

Your commission is never taken from your friends balance, it’s an additional bonus so you will both be quids in!

Don’t forget to check out our other earning tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos and listening to the radio. You will earn more for the surveys and you have access to both daily and targeted options. Start earning now!

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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