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Earn yourself a free MOT!

Posted in Money Saving | April 22, 2016 by GetPaidTo

Running a car can be a costly business but not if you are a savvy saver and shop around for the best bargains! And did you know that with just little bit of time spent on GetPaidTo, you could earn yourself a free MOT!

It might sound too good to be true but believe me, it’s not! It’s so easy to earn with our paid tasks and of course you can spend your points on whatever you wish but I’m going to show you how combined with cashback, you can get an extra 50% worth of points and get a free MOT.

Book your MOT

When the time comes to book your car in for its MOT, book online and earn cashback on your yearly check. Here’s what you could earn with our cashback merchants and how much the MOT will cost.

ATS Euromaster Cashback

 £35 – 3.5% Cashback

Kwik Fit Cashback

 £30 – 8% Cashback

National Tyres and Autocare Cashback

 £35 – 15% Cashback

Nationwide Service Repair Network Cashback

 £39 – 6% Cashback

Earn points

Spend some of your free time earning GPT points. Our high earners are our surveys so remember to fill in your survey profile to receive targeted invite. We also have daily surveys from all of our providers so your earning potential is unlimited. Fill out as many as you have time for. You can also earn points by videos, listening to the radio and completing paid tasks. For every 500 points, you will earn £1 which can be cashed out to your PayPal, bank account or gift card or you can use it to shop and receive 50% extra.

Use your points to pay for your MOT

Rather than cashout your points, use them in a cashback boost to earn an extra 50% more value to get your MOT for free. You can use your points to get up to 100% cashback on your purchase. For example, if you book an MOT at Kwik Fit for £30, at 8% you will receive £2.40 cashback. To boost that up to 100%, you will need another £27.60 but if you use your cashback boost, you will only have to earn £18.40 in points and we will give you the extra £9.40 free. So then you will receive £30 cashback therefore making your MOT free!

For more car money saving tips, check out our motoring money saving guide for tips on how to get cheaper car insurance, a guide to low cost car maintenance and more!

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