Get paid to get social!

If you’re new to GetPaidTo, I’m going to tell you just how easy it is to start earning! With surveys, tasks, videos and more, we have lots of easy ways for you to earn money online. To get you started, we’ll even give you 20 points for verifying your email and another 20 for filling out your profile details!

And that isn’t all, we’ll even give you points for getting social and following our social media pages. See how many points you can earn simply by following and liking our pages below!


Not only will liking our pages earn you points, you will also have access to our latest posts including money saving advice and exclusive competitions and giveaways! Why not come and say hello on our social pages, we love to hear how you’ve been earning and saving with us.

Remember, for every 500 points, you will earn £1/$1 which can be cashed out to your bank account, PayPal or to gift card and you only need a minimum of £1/$1 to cashout!


Get started now and start earning GPT points with our easy earning tasks. Surveys are a high earner so are a great way to earn more points in a shorter space of time. We have targeted surveys as well as daily surveys so fill out as many as you have time for. Get started!

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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