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Saving for a new car – Boost your savings!

Posted in GetPaidTo News | April 15, 2016 by GetPaidTo

Are you saving to buy a new car or do you simply want to cut the cost of running your vehicle? We all know that owning a car can be an expensive luxury but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. We have put together these handy tips to help you save money on your car as well as show you how easy it is start earning with GetPaidTo that boost your deposit towards buying your next motor!

Saving for a deposit

If you’ve tried all the usual money saving tips like cutting back on your spending, taking a packed lunch to work and selling unwanted items, why not give your savings a boost and start earning with GetPaidTo. We have paid surveys, tasks, videos and we will even pay you for listening to the radio.

You might not earn enough to buy your car outright but what you earn will soon add up, especially if you use our site on a regular basis. Imagine if you only earned a couple of pound a day, in 6 months, you could easily have earned a few hundred pounds. For every 500 points, you will have earned a £1/$1 and that’s all you need to be able to cash out to your bank account, PayPal or for a gift card. Surveys are the easiest way to earn higher amounts of points the quickest and here’s how much you will earn.




You can also earn more with the targeted surveys but make sure you fill out your survey profile to start receiving invites!

Earn cashback on car maintenance and parts

Whether it’s an MOT, new tyres or even a service, book or buy with any of our retailers to earn cashback. Here’s what you could earn:

ATS Euromaster Cashback

3.5% Cashback

Kwik Fit Cashback

Up to 8% Cashback

National Tyres and Autocare Cashback

Up to 15% Cashback

Nationwide Service Repair Network Cashback

6% Cashback

Tyre Giant Cashback

£5 Cashback

RAC Shop Cashback

Up to 6% Cashback

Cashback Boost

If you have spent time earning points with us as well as earn cashback, use your points to increase the amount of cashback you will receive with a cashback boost and your points will have 50% more value. We will give you the 50% extra simply for using them in your cashback boost. Just wait for your cashback to be set to confirmed and then boost!

Car Maintenance Money Saving Tips

Here are some handy money saving tops for running your car, you can see more here, or to find out how to get cheaper car insurance, check out our top tips!

Haggle – Get quote for work that needs doing from different garages and then use them to try and haggle the price down. Some may drop their price to beat your best quote.

Tax Annually – If you can afford the lump sum, it’s cheaper to tax your car annually. You will pay more for the privilege of paying every six months or monthly by direct debit.

Read You Manual – Everything that you need to know about your car is in the manual including tyre pressure, warning lights and when your cambelt needs replacing. Consulting your manual will ensure you know what needs doing and when which will avoid having to pay avoidable costs.

Check Tyre Pressure – Regularly check your tyre pressure as tyres that are over or under pressure will wear unevenly and will need to be changed sooner therefore costing you unnecessary expense.

For more money saving guides, check out our hub pages!

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