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How To Earn £1 Online in Less Than an Hour!!

Posted in Entertainment | March 11, 2016 by GetPaidTo

Earning £1 a day couldn’t be easier on GetPaidTo and I’m going to tell you how to do it. Whether you have an hour spare once the kids have gone to bed or maybe you get half an hour to yourself mid-morning. Whatever free time you have, use it to complete paid tasks and earn money online.

Why stop at a pound? Imagine if all that time spent scrolling through social media was used productively. There are 288 days until Christmas so why not try to earn as much as you can from now until then to give your Christmas savings a boost. Even if you managed to earn just 50p a day, that’s still an extra £144 to spend!

Here is a run-down of how I earnt £1 on GetPaidTo this morning and exactly how long it took me. Remember, 500 GPT points is equal to £1/$1.

Cint Surveys – 224 points – 5 minutes


To start with, I completed a daily survey on Cint as this is one of our high earners. I earned 225 points by filling out a survey about tattoos. This only took me 5 minutes and it was really easy to answer. Cint surveys range in duration from 5 minutes up to approximately 30 minutes.

If you fill out your survey profile, you will also receive invites for targeted surveys that fit your demographic and they typically pay out more than the daily surveys so it’s well worth it. That one survey could earn you your pound or maybe even two!

Your Surveys – 168.75 – 8 minutes


I then took another survey with Your Surveys which took me just 8 minutes. Your Surveys is a great earner if you only have limited time available as they have lots of short surveys. This was about different charitable organisations that I may have heard of or seen any advertising for.

This takes my points total up to 392.75 in just 13 minutes!

Virool Videos– 1 point per video – 6 videos


Rather than taking another survey, I decided to watch some videos instead. Paying out at 1 point per video, Virool is a fun way to earn those extra points especially when you only need a few more to reach your next pound. Those odd points amounts soon add up.

I watched six videos in total which varied in time, here they are:

  • 2 minutes 12 seconds – 1 point
  • 46 seconds – 1 point
  • 3 minute 34 seconds – 1 point
  • 6 minute 16 seconds – 1 point
  • 36 seconds – 1 point
  • 3 minutes 48 seconds – 1 point

That now takes my total points up to 398.75 in 30 minutes 20 seconds.

Seens as I was earning more points in a shorter amount of time by completing surveys, I then decided to complete another one from Your Surveys.

Your surveys – 168.75 – 20 mins


This survey was longer than the first two but still earned me more points than watching videos. This survey was based on my shopping habits and what brands of pickled vegetables I buy. This was another Your Survey daily survey.

You won’t qualify for every survey and when attempting the daily surveys, I did get screened out of a few before I was taken to this particular one. The survey itself took me 20 minutes but I would say I spent another 5 minutes filling out preliminary questions for other surveys that I wasn’t eligible for. Don’t get put off by being screened out, just a few more questions and you will find one that you can complete.

Total points – 567.50

Time Taken – 55 minutes 20 seconds

If I would have skipped the videos and just done the three surveys, I would have earned 561.50 in just 38 minutes.


So that’s how easy it is to earn £1 in just under an hour. Imagine if you earned that every day, you’d have £288 extra to spend at Christmas, or just extra spending money throughout the year.

Head over to our earn section to check out all of our other ways to earn! You will find offerwalls, task, surveys, videos and even listening to the radio!

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