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Earn Money Online with our Survey Providers!

Posted in GetPaidTo News UK | January 29, 2016 by GetPaidTo

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve added three brand new survey providers to GetPaidTo. Start earning with us today, it couldn’t be easier, by simply giving your opinion, you will get paid. Whether you have half an hour of spare time a day or maybe more, use it productively and earn a little extra cash. Just an hour of your time could earn you £1 a day which over the course of the year could add up to more than £300.

Start earning with our survey providers, here is a quick run-down on each provider and how much you could earn!

Opinion Surveys – Earn 182.25 per survey


Completing a survey with Opinion Surveys pays out a massive 182.25 points for every survey you complete. With each survey ranging from 5 minutes to half an hour or more, give your opinion and get paid for your time. Most surveys are multiple choice but occasionally you may have to give your own answer. Survey topics vary and can be anything from sports to grocery shopping and everything in between. You may find you’re not a match for some surveys, that fine, simply move on and try another one. There’s bound to be lots of surveys that match your profile.

Cint Surveys – Earn 224 points per survey


Cint is currently our highest earning survey provider on GetPaidTo. Earn 224 points for every daily survey you fill out plus receive survey invites targeted to you once you’ve filled out your GetPaidTo survey profile. By completing just two daily surveys from Cint, you would have earned almost £1. Imagine how much you could earn if you filled out two a day every day between now and Christmas!

Your Surveys – Earn 168.75 points per survey


Your Surveys is a great way to earn points, especially if you don’t have much time. Paying out 168.75 points and with survey length varying between 5 minutes up to half an hour, there are lots of the quicker surveys to be done enabling you to earn more points in a shorter space of time. They are easy to fill out and come from a range of sources. What’s stopping you? Start earning now!

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