5 Top Tips for Job Hunters!

Have you recently graduated university and looking for your first professional job role? Get ahead of the competition with these top tips. We also have some great deals meaning you can earn cashback on your job hunt, that’s a little bit of extra cash in your pocket just when you need it the most!

Put yourself out there!

A CV and business card

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If you’ve searched for jobs in the usual way with agencies and online job boards, widen your search and go direct. Using your initiative and reaching out to companies and individuals for prospective jobs may go in your favour. If there are particular brands you are passionate about, show your knowledge and enthusiasm in your application. Adapt your CV for each particular role and job you are applying for.

Networking is also a great way to get ahead. Make use of contacts and network at every opportunity. Get prepared and carry around business cards ready to give out to prospective employers, at the very least you will make contacts that may come in useful in the future. Design and order your very own business card with Hello Print and you will also get 10% cashback on all sales!

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Look the Part!

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Whether you are dressing up for an interview, work experience or to network, make sure you look the part! First impressions count when job hunting so the right outfit and a good solid handshake will put you ahead. Whether you opt for a smart looking dress, a sleek pencil skirt and shirt or a formal trouser suit, get cashback on your interview clothes when you shop with us! For both men and women, shop at La Redoute and get 20% off full priced items as well as up to 10% cashback!

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Arrive on time

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Don’t ruin your chances by turning up late to an interview or work experience placement. Whether you are right for the job or not, you will appear unreliable. If you are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances, phone ahead and let them know. Try to avoid this by leaving earlier than you need to or booking an earlier train. Book your train ticket now to save time and money. Book tickets with Raileasy and get 2% cashback on ticket sales!

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Boost your skills

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If you want to increase your chances of standing out, boost your CV by adding extra courses and skills to your resume. Whilst you are looking for work, use the time to do an evening course or study for an extra qualification, maybe even learn another language. With a range of courses available, study at the UK Open College for health and beauty, animal care, computer courses, childcare, book keeping and accounts plus get 7.5% cashback on all sales.

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Get social media savvy

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If you are not familiar with social media, now is the time. Not only will you open yourself up to opportunities you may never have found, it is also your chance to show what you are about and create a persona that interviewers may look for upon receiving your application. Be aware about what you are posting online as you don’t know if and when it could have an effect on your professional life. Twitter is also a great tool for networking and interacting with industry professionals and getting involved in conversations and public discussion. Manage all of your social media accounts in one place with a Hootsuite Account. Plus if you sign up through GetPaidTo, you will get 100% cashback on your first month with a monthly pro account or 15% with an annual pro account.

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