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Seven Hand Luggage Essentials

Posted in Holidays | August 19, 2015 by GetPaidTo

If you’re jetting off on holiday this summer, here are seven hand luggage essentials that you should pack in your carry on. From headphones and reading material to tasty snacks, make use of that extra luggage allowance with these holiday essentials.

Passport/tickets/boarding passes

passports and tickets

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This might sound like an obvious essential but imagine your horror of getting to the airport and realising you have left your passport or tickets behind. Pack these last so that they are at the top of your bag or if you are taking one, pack them in your handbag which can then be added to your hand luggage if needed.


red headphones

Don’t forget your headphones, especially when you’re travelling long haul. Most airlines will provide you with a pair but you can’t beat your own pair of headphones. Whether you want to listen to music, watch films or play games, buying a pair of noise cancelling headphones will help you relax and shut out any noise going on around you.

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Reading Material

someone reading on a beach

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If you’re a book worm and like to bury yourself in a good read, make sure you include some good reading material in your hand luggage. Whether it’s a book or magazine, flying brings plenty of time to get your head in a book. You can also have a read at any time spend waiting around at the airport as well as once you reach your destination.

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Baby Wipes

baby wipes

Whether you have kids or not, baby, face or anti-bacterial wipes are a must have for your hand luggage. Whether you want to freshen up and remove your make up or simply clean up after eating, you will be glad you packed these.

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lady sitting down with suitcase and hand luggage

If you must take your valuables on holiday with you, pack them in your carry on rather than your suitcase. This way you can better ensure they are safe. This includes cameras, iPads, mobile phones and expensive or valuable jewellery items. Image how you would feel if your suitcase went missing if it contained a lot of expensive items.

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Food and Drink

in flight meal tray

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If the thought of aeroplane food fills you with dread or you are travelling with fussy eaters, take your own snacks with you. Or if your flight doesn’t include a meal, don’t get stung with hefty on board prices, pack your own. Keep in mind that any liquids will need to be under 100ml and check for any restricted foods for the country you are travelling to.

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model wearing tie die jumper and shorts

Even if you are travelling to a hot country, pack a jumper or cardigan for the trip, you might get a little chilly on the flight or when you arrive back in the UK. Shop for warmer clothing as well as those last minute holiday essentials at La Redoute and get 20% off your first order plus up to 10% cashback!

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