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Five Toys to Keep Your Toddler Entertained When Flying!

Posted in Holidays | July 29, 2015 by GetPaidTo

If you’re jetting off on holiday this summer with a toddler in tow, you might be worrying about how to keep them occupied during the flight. Whether you are flying long or short haul, travelling with children can be hard work so for stress free travel, these five toys are sure to keep them distracted!

1. Crayons

colourful duck crayons

Drawing and colouring in will keep your little one occupied for quite a while but imagine the frustration when the pencils and crayons keep falling on the floor only for you to keep picking them up. There are a couple of ways you can avoid this. Firstly, these duck shape crayons from The Works are less likely to roll away and they will double up as a toy to play with as well as using them for colouring in. At just £1 they are a bargain plus you will find lots of other crafts, books, toys and games to keep them occupied plus get 12% cashback!

The Works Cashback

2. Etch a Sketch

Pink Disney Etch a sketch

If you would rather avoid the crayons all together, buy an etch a sketch! Buy this Minnie Mouse magnetic scribbler from Very and your toddler can get creative with none of the mess. This is a must have for toddlers when travelling and will keep them occupied long enough for you to enjoy some down time! Shop at Very and get up to 7% cashback!

Very Cashback

3. Sticker Book

Little Airport sticker activity book

Sticker books are brilliant when travelling with children and will keep them happy and quiet for ages. This little airport sticker book is great for flying as your children can create busy airport scenes with 30 peel and apply stickers. The stickers are reusable so they can create lots of different scenes again and again. Buy from The Book Depository for £2.99 and you will also get 5% cashback!

The Book Depository Cashback

4. Play Doh

a selection of Play Doh colours in pots

Play Doh is another great toy for children when travelling on a plane. Keep their little hands busy and let them get creative. What’s great about Play Doh is it can be divided easily if you have more than one small child to keep entertained and it doesn’t make much mess. Buy these individual pots from Toys “R” Us for just £0.99 each and save £5 when you spend £30 or more plus get 3% cashback!


5. Portable DVD Player

Peppa Pig DVD

If your child is happy to chill in front of a movie, getting a portable DVD player is a must for flying, especially the longer flights, just remember to pack headphones as your fellow travellers will probably not want to listen to Peppa Pig or Spongebob for hours. Portable DVD players are even a good idea for long car journeys. Try and get some new movies for the flight to keep your child’s interest for longer. If Peppa Pig is popular in your household, buy The Golden Boots DVD, a 15 minute special episode that also includes three new episodes. Buy from HMV l Xtra-vision UK for just £6.99 and you will also receive 5% cashback! Plus, if you spend £50 or more you will also get an extra £5 off!

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Top Tips

If you can’t distract them with toys, here are some other helpful tips for travelling with a toddler.

  • Pack snacks and treats as bribes but try to avoid anything full of sugar.
  • If you’ve planned a variety of toys and activities, don’t reveal them all at once. Try and space them out throughout the flight to keep your child interested.
  • Try and fly as close to your child’s bed time as possible.
  • Buy them a new toy that they have not seen or played with before.
  • When taking off or landing, give your child a drink or sweet as the sucking motion can help ease the pain caused by the change in pressure.
  • Load new games and apps onto your mobile phone and tablet or bring a Nintendo DS if you have one.
  • If they are anxious or scared about flying, read books about the airport and aeroplanes before your trip to help them understand and feel at ease.
  • Pack a snuggly blanket and get comfortable and encourage them to sleep.
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