Five Fun Indoor Activities for the School Holidays

It’s now the second week of the school holidays and if you’re struggling for ways to keep your little darlings entertained, why not try one of these five fun activities. You don’t have to go out and spend lots of money to have fun. Try one of these indoor activities to have fun at home on a budget!

1. Baking

Easter nest cupcakes


Although Easter may have already passed by, it doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying all of its chocolatey goodness. If you have quite a few eggs to get through this Easter, why not melt one down and make these tasty Shredded Wheat nest cakes. This is an easy recipe that even little hands can help make. They could get a little messy but that’s half the fun. These cakes only take around two hours to set so you won’t have to wait long to tuck into these tasty treats.

This recipe from BBC Good Food is simple to follow with only three ingredients.

Shop for your baking ingredients at Tesco along with your grocery shopping and you will also get £12 off when you spend £60 or more on your first order plus £5 cashback.

2. Themed day

pirate ship model

Whether your little ones are into pirates, butterflies, fairies or dinosaurs, have a themed day at home and play games, dress up, bake and make arts and crafts all created around your theme. This day is sure to be a hit, especially if you have under 10’s to keep entertained.

A pirate theme can be fun whether you have boys or girls. Paint on an eye patch, make paper hats and build a den which can be your very own pirate ship. If you have older children, get them to have a go at assembling this mini make your own pirate ship from Debenhams. It’s only £5.00 plus you will also get 3% cashback. Don’t forget to shout ‘Ahoy, me Hearties’ in your best pirate accent.

3. Treasure hunt

Easter egg selection

This could tie in with your themed day or work on a completely separate day all together, you can even extend this out into the garden for some outside playtime, weather permitting of course. There are a few different ways that you could organise this activity. For the younger ones, hide some treats around the house and ask them to go on a treasure hunt to find them. For the older children, give them a list of items that they need to collect, or write your own clues and hide them around the house for the children to solve, with each clue leading to another until eventually it leads to a prize. This is sure to keep them occupied for a few hours. Why not invite some friends over and split them all into groups or pairs and encourage them to work as a team.

For an Easter themed treasure hunt, hide chocolate eggs with clues on how to find them. Get the Cadbury Easter Trail gift from Cadbury Gifts Direct for just £14.50. This box of goodies is ideal for a an egg/treat hunt as it comes complete with lots of small eggs, ideal for hiding as well as larger treats such as the jelly bunnies and the chocolate bunny which will make great prizes for the end of the hunt. Get 7% cashback when you shop with Cadbury Gifts Direct.

4. Make a den

An indoor cosy den made of blankets and cushions

Photo: Pinterest / Jessica Pond


If you’re not going away during these school holidays, why not camp at home. If it’s warm enough, set up a camp in the garden with a tent and some sleeping bags. But if it’s too cold, which we suspect it might be, set up a cosy den at home. Every child, especially primary school age, will enjoy making a den and having their own little sanctuary. And the benefits of making it indoors, as well as the warmth, is that you can make some tasty snacks and snuggle up in their den and watch films together.

Set up your laptop and enjoy watching movies from the comfort of a cosy den, or leave them to it whilst you get on with your mummy duties. A good DVD will keep the children glued for hours, why not stock up on films and treat them to some Disney classics such as Bambi, Dumbo and Lady and the Tramp. Buy from Simply Home Entertainment and get £5 off a £30 spend plus you will also get 5% cashback. They sell a wide range of films so why not grab yourself a few flicks to watch for when the kids are asleep.

5. Indoor Bowling

Indoor Disney bowling set

If you can’t make it out to the bowling alley, why not set up your own lane in the back garden? With this bowling set you can play multiple games with no additional cost and without the lure of the hotdog stand and candy floss. Get a pink Mini Mouse set for the girls or a blue Mickey Mouse for the boys. Get 24% off and buy for only £9.38 at the Disney Store plus don’t forget you will also get 4% cashback. That’s a lot cheaper than taking the kids bowling. And why not cook them some snacks and keep the score for an authentic afternoon of bowling.

If you don’t have a bowling set, why not make your own for free. All you will need is 10 empty bottles and ball. Fill the bottles up with water and then you’re all set to play.

Easter colouring competition banner

These are just a few ideas to keep the kids entertained this Easter and don’t forget you still have one day left to enter our colouring competition to win a travel mug filled with chocolate mini eggs. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to download are pig-bunny, get your little ones to colour it in, take a photo and email it back to us. For more information, go to our promotions page now. Hurry, there’s only one day left!

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