Dinner party themes for 2015

If you’re having people over for a dinner party and are not sure what to cook, try picking a theme. Not only will it give you something to base your dishes on, but it is also a good way to incorporate some fun games, decorations and even a dress code. Why not try a ‘come dine with me’ style competition with your friends and take it in turns to cook for each other.
Once you have chosen your theme, you can start the preparations. Try and choose dishes that can all be prepared beforehand so that once your guests arrive, you can concentrate on the hosting. Here are five fun themes to give you some inspiration.


Partybox CashbackIf you can handle the heat, serve your diners some spicy Mexican food. Make your own guacamole and salsa and serve with tortilla chips for an appetizer as well as an accompaniment for your meal. Both are simple dips to make. There are some great Mexican meals that are really easy to make including enchiladas, tacos, and fajitas. Place a mixture of ingredients on the table and your guests can fill their tacos and fajitas to their own taste. Not only can they be prepared with ease, but you can also sit with your guests and enjoy the meal rather than being stuck in the kitchen. Margaritas are a popular Mexican cocktail so serve those in plentiful supply, or try making a margarita cheesecake for dessert.

Give each of your guests a sombrero to wear and all have a go on a piñata at the end of the night. Shop for sombreros and piñata’s at PartyBox plus get up to 7.5% cashback.

Mexican fajita

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Greek Night

The drink shop CashbackEnjoy a traditional Greek soirée complete with authentic meals, Greek dancing and lashings of ouzo. However we don’t recommend that you start smashing your plates! Serve your guests a spinach and feta pie accompanied by a traditional Greek salad. This simple but tasty dish is sure to impress your diners. For a starter, serve a meze of foods. Try making stuffed vine leaves, stuffed green peppers, falafel and tzatziki and serve with bread. For a sweet and tasty dessert to finish your meal, serve baklava. This sticky treat, made with pistachios and walnuts, is full of flavour and very moreish so make plenty.

No Greek themed night is complete with drinking lots of ouzo. You can drink it straight or in a cocktail. It has a very strong flavour so if your guests are new to ouzo, it may be best serving it as a cocktail. Buy a 70cl bottle of ouzo from TheDrinkShop for just £17.76 and you will also receive 5% cashback.

Greek baklava

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Natoora CashbackPotluck dinner parties can be a lot of fun as you never know what you will end up eating. Not only will you get out of doing most of the cooking, you will also get to taste a range of different foods. Each guest is responsible for bringing one dish, so to avoid multiple bowls of chilli or too many desserts, assign each guest with either a side, main, dessert or drink. Your guests can choose what food to bring. If you have been invited to a pot luck party, try and take something along that can be eaten cold or something that only needs reheating as there may be a lot of competition for space in the kitchen. Avoid foods that are too spicy and try to take something that can be served in the dish it was cooked in. You could turn the party into a competition and vote for what dish you think is the best.

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variety of food



Dessert Party

Marks and Spencer CashbackForget the main course, the dessert is where it’s at. Invite your friends over for a dessert party and indulge in a range of delicious sweet treats. Tell your guests to only have a light meal before they come over and ask each of them to bring something sweet. If you are providing all of the dishes, make sure you provide a variety of desserts to include something fruit based, chocolaty, creamy, tangy, and something light for any guest that might prefer to go for something with less calories. Pair your pudding with a sweet dessert wine such as a Moscato d’Asti or a Gewürztraminer.

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School Dinners

Ocado Online Groceries CashbackReminisce about the old days with a school cafeteria themed dinner party. Dig out your old school tie and dress up as you serve your friends some classic childhood favourites. Of course you may want to put some effort into your food and jazz up your dishes for a gourmet interpretation of what you used to eat at school. Your guests might not be too impressed with fish fingers and chips. Instead, make your own cod goujons along with a homemade tartar sauce. For dessert, add an adult twist on the classic rice pudding by making a rum and raisin variation. Serve the cod with a pinot grigio or a lightly oaked chardonnay.

This theme is an easy conversation starter and will see you sharing funny childhood stories about your schooldays. Set the mood by making a playlist of music that reminds you of your younger years and add in a few games that you used to play as a child.

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Rum and raison rice pudding

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